Friends of Research & Extension meet every Tuesday, 6 to 7:30 pm

Where: Oregon Community Foundation Conference Room
818 West 8th Street, Medford,OR

For more information contact tebucher@gmail.com

Many Thanks to Our Supporters
A huge “Thank You!” to all the Extension supporters who contacted the Jackson County Board of Commissioners and media about the proposed Extension budget.  I had an opportunity to read many of your letters or hear your testimony. I was impressed by the stories of how Extension impacts so many lives and the livability of our valley. 

You may have read or heard that the Commissioners voted to approve funding through the end of December 2013, 6 months.  We are grateful for this temporary reprieve but sobered by the comments of the Commissioners.  The bottom line is that they emphasized the need for Extension to find alternative funding sources beyond the county coffers.  In addition, they indicated that their intent is to balance the budget and, at the very least, reduce spending from the rainy day fund. 

So, where does this leave us?  The SOREC Advisory Council met to discuss what path to follow.  As Administrator of the Extension office I have been directed by the Advisory Council to look at our current budget and find ways to conserve resources as much as possible over the next 6 months I was also directed to bring in a consultant to evaluate our fee structure for classes and services to bring them more in line with today’s cost of doing business. We cannot wait until December to find out if they will put back the rest of our resources ($102,102) for the second half of the budget year.

Another solution put forth by Commissioner Skundrick, and which seems to be gaining support from Commissioners Rachor and Breidenthal, is a $7.00 per month per household “surcharge, tax, fee” dedicated to Jail support.  If passed, money would be freed to support programs such as Extension, Libraries, and CASA.  They are exploring putting this before the public in the November election.  Should this pass or any new revenue be found the Budget Committee in their December meeting would consider providing continued funding for the Extension Service for the last six months of the budget year.

One other consideration being discussed by the Friends of Extension is to pursue an Extension and Research Service District.

The Friends of Extension group meets to work toward finding a long term solution to support the OSU Extension and Research Center and it's programs. Please get involved and join the group meetings, they need your help.

Friends of Research & Extension Meet every Tuesday, 6 to 7:30 pm

Where: Oregon Community Foundation Conference Room; 818 West 8th Street

For more information contact tebucher@gmail.com

Again, we want to thank all of our supporters for your help during these difficult times, but our work is not yet finished!

Philip Van Buskirk and Staff of SOREC

Philip VanBuskirk, Extension Regional Administrator, Jackson & Josephine Counties and Director of OSU-SO Research & Extension Center
569 Hanley Rd
Central Point, OR 97502

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