Decision Trees

Decision trees (aka wizards) have been developed as an alternative way to navigate low impact development resources offered under STEPS TO TAKE. Answer Yes or No to each question at the top of the page. Additional information and graphics are provided to assist you in answering accurately.

Choose the Right Rain Garden

OSU Extension Service offers a number of variations on rain gardens. When to use what is based primarily on where you plan to put it and the condition of the soil. Usually, from an up-front cost and long-term maintenance perspective, the simpler the configuration, the better, so do consider perusing all the configurations before using this decision tree. Tips for reducing costs are provided below the questions.

Porous Pavement Siting Criteria

This decision tree will help you determine whether a site or location on a site is suitable for infiltration using porous pavement. This decision tree is not intended to help you decide what kind of porous surface – porous asphalt, pervious concrete, permeable pavers, flexible pavements, etc – to use. Surfacing decisions may be based on traffic speeds & loading, budget & cost, durability, availability, maintenance equipment currently owned or available, green goals, perceptions, etc. For a comparison of some of these elements, refer to the Porous Pavements fact sheet.