Planning for Green Infrastructure

Overview: This is a quick summary of the steps needed to plan a sustainable site.

Site Planning Checklist (pdf, xls): The Site Planning Checklist includes a list of over 300 environmental, social, and financial considerations to help you choose the best, best practices for your site and stakeholders.

LID Checklist (pdf, xls): An easy-to-use LID Checklist includes over 250 best practices that might be implemented during each project phase.

Precipitation Maps: Precipitation maps detail the depth of a storm event in a 24-hour period, and are needed in modeling to tailor an LID facility design to its location.

Infiltration Testing Fact Sheet (pdf): Geared toward municipalities and more advanced practitioners, this fact sheet offers detailed information on multiple testing methods.

Runoff Reduction Tool: A customized planning tool to estimate runoff before and after development.

Information Resources: This page provides additional resources to help identify conditions important to deciding what kind of LID facility may be used and where. Topics include floodplains, wetlands, riparian areas & buffers, habitat areas, septic systems, contaminated soils & groundwater, landslides, wellhead protection areas, drinking wells, vertical separation, and horizontal setbacks.