Green Infrastructure practices must be implemented with care at each stage of the development. If a facility is properly planned and designed but improperly constructed, the facility is unlikely to perform as intended and many benefits of green infrastructure will be lost. The facility may even pollute the stormwater further instead of protect it. Construction considerations for specific green infrastructure practices are presented in the associated individual fact sheets.

Your contractor plays a crucial role in helping your protect water resources during the design phase. Preventing erosion and controlling sediment are some of the most important elements.
Healthy soil (left) has room for air, water, & soil animals that help protect long-term permeability. Compacted soils (right)  generate runoff and reduce plant health that can cause landowners to apply fertilizers & pesticides that pollute downstream waterways. Compost amendment during the construction phase can help restore long-term permeability of soils disturbed during construction.
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