Urban Forestry Program (FREMO)

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Forest Resource Education for Municipal Officials 

This education program is currently under development. It is being funded by the USDA, and it is a partnership with the Oregon Department of Forestry and National NEMO program.

Our project aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Document four examples of the impact of urban growth on forest land use surrounding four pilot communities in Oregon (Grants Pass, Newport, Damascus and Sheridan). We will research changes in forest lands through remote sensing analysis and consider the influence of comprehensive plans, management of UGBs, Measure 37 and Measure 49.
  • Develop a suite of maps, illustrating past, existing and future forest cover, to help local governments visualize these trends.
  • Deliver workshops with visualization tools to decision-makers in our four pilot communities in the Fall and Winter, 2009.
  • Create a new urban tree care and maintenance best management practices guide. This guide will be aimed at developers, contractors, urban foresters, planning departments and developers.
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