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Journal Publications dairy forage research plots

Downing, T. and J. Seymour. 2014.  Using weekly pasture measurements to monitor pasture growth and utilization.  J of NACAA. Vol. 7, no. 1. May 2014. .

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Research Reports

Assessing Phosphorus and Potassium Feeding on Oregon Dairies

Fiber Digestibility in Cool Season Grasses

Non-Structural Carbohydrates in Forage Cultivars

Phosphorus on the Farm From Feed Grains and By-Productions

Extension Publications and Other Articles

Downing, T., D. Hannaway, B. Randow, P. Berry and X. Yang.  2014. Managing dairy grazing for more milk and profit. EM8412.

Downing, T. and J. Seymour. 2013. Economics of pasture-based dairies in Oregon.  BEEF 116. http//

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Downing, T. 2001.  Keeping track of manure nutrients in dairy pastures.  Oregon State University Extension, PNW 549.

Forage Testing is Important for Balancing Rations

Soil pH and Pasture Productivity

The Value of Locally Grown Forages Continues to Go Up


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