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Journal Publications dairy forage research plots

Downing, T. and P. French. 2009. Improved understanding of fiber digestibility in forages. Journal of Extension Vol 47, no 2.

Downing, T. and P. French. 2008. Fiber digestibility in ryegrass. NACAA Journal. July, 2008.

Downing, T., A. Buyserie, M. Gamroth and P. French. 2008. Effect of water soluble carbohydrates on fermentation characteristics of ensiled perennial ryegrass. Professional Animal Scientist. 24:1 pg 35-39

Research Reports

Assessing Phosphorus and Potassium Feeding on Oregon Dairies

Fiber Digestibility in Cool Season Grasses

Non-Structural Carbohydrates in Forage Cultivars

Phosphorus on the Farm From Feed Grains and By-Productions


Forage Testing is Important for Balancing Rations

Soil pH and Pasture Productivity

The Value of Locally Grown Forages Continues to Go Up



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