Nutrition Education Program

Demonstration of Tortilla MakingHelping Tillamook County Eat Healthy

The Tillamook County Extension Nutrition Education Program helps limited-resource individuals, children, and families learn about the importance of making healthy food choices. Classes are taught in a variety of settings from youth in local public school classrooms to adults at local food pantries or in groups. We teach classes that help learners:

  • Develop skills that promote self-sufficiency
  • Stretch food dollars
  • Handle food safely
  • Learn more about nutrition

We help people plan and prepare quick, inexpensive, and healthy meals. We encourage them to experience healthier living through better nutrition and increased physical activity. Our nutrition education efforts are funded by the SNAP-Ed federal program that provides nutrition education programming to Supplemental Food Assistance Program participants.  

The Oregon Family Nutrition Program (OFNP) provides funds for nutrition education programs for individuals, regardless of age or family status, including seniors, youth, families, and individuals who receive or are eligible for supplemental food assistance (food stamps) or other food assistance programs.

Food Pantry Project
We cooperate with the Tillamook Regional Food Bank to help food pantry recipients make better use of available foods. We show how to prepare nutritious dishes from simple, basic foods available from local food pantries. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with this effort.  Contact Grace Corry, by email or phone 503-842-3433 for more information or to volunteer.


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