Degree Partnership Program

Oregon University System institutions work with community colleges to offer flexible academic options to students, commonly referred to as "degree partnerships," "dual enrollment" or "co-admission" programs. College-to-university degree partnership agreements are student-focused arrangements that enable college students to be formally enrolled at both a community college and an Oregon University System (OUS) campus at the same time.

Features of these types of efforts typically include: one students at Southern Oregon Universityapplication process that includes admission to both institutions, student advising available on both campuses, flexibility in scheduling with access to more classes, lower college costs while at the community college, opportunity to access services and participate in college life on both campuses, an integrated system of financial aid administration, access to library and computer resources on both campuses, and easier transition from community college to university by virtue of program participation. In addition to partnering with community colleges, OUS also has degree partnership agreements among its own institutions and with Oregon Health and Science University.

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