Water Resources & Community Development Program

The Sea Grant Extension Water Resources Program provides water-related education, training, and technical assistance to citizens, property owners, businesses, community leaders, and organizations. Focus areas include water quality, watershed and aquatic ecosystem health, invasive species prevention and control, non-point source pollution prevention, sustainable stormwater management, and water conservation.

PublicationsOregon Rain Garden Guide - cover

"Oregon Rain Garden Guide, A Step-By-Step Guide to Landscaping for Clean Water and Healthy Streams" (.pdf version large file 14MB) (html), also available at the Tillamook County office

"Invasive Species: Facts for the Gardener" (.pdf version) available on-line.


Portland Rain Garden Example from OregonStateUniversity_Outreach on Vimeo.
Robert Emanuel describes some of the salient characteristics that define this rain garden.

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