MiTTNet—Managing in Tough Times Network: a National Extension Initiative.

The MiTTNet site is designed for Extension educators, rather than for direct public use. It is a directory of educational resources, related to managing in tough times, that are available from across the US. The site focuses on four major audience types:

  • individuals and families;
  • farm and ranch owners/managers;
  • youth;
  • and communities.

The purpose of this site is to provide Extension staff access to educational programs and resources that they may use or adapt when planning programs for their local audiences.

Stay Current on MiTTNet Infomation

The MiTTNet directory will change over time as additional resources are created and added. To stay abreast of the MiTT initiative and additions to the MiTTNet directory you need to join the Managing in Tough Times Community in eXtension.

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Join the Managing in Tough Times Community

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  • Choose the Managing in Tough Times Community.
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  • You’ll receive an email when your community membership has been approved .