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Market Animal Health Records

New Forms for 2015!! Each Form includes the Health Form, Country of Origin (COOL) Affidavit, and the Oregon Livestock Exhibitor Agreement. Exhibitors will need to sign in three places.

Allied Industry Beef Achievement Award


Livestock Mail-In Tournament - club registration

First month - Judging Basics

To begin, view and participate in the presentation. It does have audio; you will need to click on the audio in upper left corner of each slide if it does not automatically begin on each slide.

Slide notes of the presentaion are available if you only wish to print out the presentation.

Here is a judging card you can print out and a livestock judging packet to help familiarize you with livestock terminology for next month's tournament.

Second month - Swine

To begin, view the swine judging presentation. This presentation is for judging classes only. This presentation has no audio, but does include a link to a video for one of the classes (the video has no audio). Before you begin, each member should have some paper to take notes, a judging card, and a writing utensil. And remember - no talking! Here is a copy of the slides in color or black and white.

After your club has submitted their scorecards and written reasons for swine (Claire Sponseller, Umatilla County 4-H, PO Box 100, Pendleton, OR 97801) please feel free to view this presentation with the final placings and reasons. Here is a copy of the slides in color or black and white. (will be posted soon)

Thank you to Janell Rice, OSU Animal Science Instructor and Livestock Judging Team Coach for putting together these classes and reasons.

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