Weeds have been identified by wheat farmers as their #1 problem. Weeds rob our water, fertilizer, sunlight and money. Here we have pictures to identify weeds and control measures to fight weeds. Production practices, pesticide options and biological controls will be highlighted on this page.


The Dirty Dozen

A recent survey asked Cereal Newsletter recipients what are their top two weed problems. Several people complained that two weeds were not enough and insisted on adding more weeds to their lists. The number one weed problem identified was downy brome. This is not surprising, and Russian thistle was a close second, just beating out kochia. Jointed goatgrass and field bindweed round out the top five for cereal producers in Umatilla County.

  1. Downy brome
  2. Russian thistle
  3. Kochia
  4. Jointed goatgrass
  5. Field bindweed
  6. Yellow starthistle
  7. Canada thistle
  8. Wild oats
  9. Prickly lettuce
  10. Rattail fescue
  11. Knapweed
  12. Thistles
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