Meadow Knapweed


Photo: Meadow KnapweedPerennial, with upright stems ranging from 20-40 inches tall and branching from the center. Single flowers are located at the tips of branches. Flowers are rose-purple in color and surrounded by brown bracts. Flowerheads are round and about the size of a nickel.


Aggressive non-native that establishes rapidly in moist areas. This plant spreads easily, often displacing desirable natives, and grasses.

Cultural Control

Where feasible, cultivate infested pasture and rotate to an annual hay crop before reseeding to permanent forage. This plant does not tolerate repeated cultivation. Following establishment of the desired forage species, management or grazing practices is required to be successful.

Chemical Control

Selective herbicides are available. Check with local weed control supervisor or chemical consultant for specific recommendations.

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