Integrated Pest Management

Silvia and student, IPM Workshop
Developing an Insect Collection
IPM Collecting Trip
IPM Collecting Trip
Soil scouting
Soil Scouting
Processing Samples
Processing Samples

Courses and Workshops

Our courses are designed for University Extension field faculty, Extension Master Gardeners, agency professionals, and crop consultants on identification of insects - both beneficial and pesky bugs.

Participants create their own sample collections to use in their follow-up educational projects.  These volunteers can identify pests of the Pacific Northwest and will help others do the same.

False Wheathead Armyworm






The training includes many hands-on aspects:

  • Collecting, mounting, and identifying pests,
  • Using a stereo microscope, and
  • Using pest keys.

Training also includes pest management and creation of an educational display.

Geocoris Nymph on Aster

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Class Handouts:

Handout material can be used only for teaching purposes. A lot of the information presented was taken from previous published material.

  • Diseases

  • Weeds

Online Presentations

  • Pesticides

    1. Pesticide Use Decisions: Examining Risks and Alternatives, Part 1 by Paul Jepson and Michael Guzy

Disclaimer: All material presented on this website is for

educational purposes only.


Class facilitators:


Useful Links:

To purchase collecting supplies, visit BioQuip.


For registration information, please contact OSU Extension Service:

Shevon Hatcher - (541) 278-5403 or Lora Sharkey - (541) 567-8321


For more course information, please contact:

Silvia Rondon - (541) 567-8321 


Sponsored in part by WSARE, OSU, OSU Extension, WSU, and University of Idaho.

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