Green Peas in Umatilla County

1. Economics


Time Bomb Are Processed Green Peas in the Blue Mountain Region of Northeastern Oregon and Southeastern Washington Economically Sustainable? Time Bomb


Green Pea Man
Green Peas on the Blues
Green Pea Harvesters

2. Variety Trials

3. Crop Establishment

3.1 Soil Sampling and Nutrient Management

4. Climatology

5. Phenology

6. Organic Production

6.1 Getting Started

  • How To Go Organic

6.2 Certifications and Regulations

6.3 Production

7. Integrated Pest Management

7.1 Insect Pests

7.2 Diseases

7.3 Weeds

7.4 Biological Control

8. Irrigation

9. Fertilization

10. Postharvest Research Centers

10.1 United States

10.2 International

10.3 Australia

11. Processing

12. General Interest

  • The Pea Harvest in Umatilla County. This site provides historical information on the history of pea production in Umatilla County as told by Mildred Searcey and published by the Umatilla County Historical Society.

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