Cherry Fruit Fly Control Areas in Hood River, Lane, Linn, Marion, Polk, Umatilla, Union, and Wasco Counties

603-052-0150 Control Areas and Procedures

(1) As authorized by ORS 570.405 to 570.435, a control area is established in each of the following counties for the protection of the cherry industry in that area through the eradication or control of the cherry fruit fly:

(a) Hood River County;

(b) Lane County;

(c) Linn County;

(d) Marion County;

(e) Polk County;

(f) Sherman County;

(g) Umatilla County;

(h) Union County;

(i) Yamhill County; and

(j) The portion of Wasco county, north of Warm Springs Reservation.

(2) Approved IPM practices, including spray formulations, are those recommended by the Oregon State Extension Service as described for specific control areas in the following extension documents:

(a) For Hood River and Wasco counties: Pest Management Guide for Tree Fruits in the Mid-Columbia Area. EM 8203, Oregon State University Extension Service.

(b) For Lane, Linn, Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties: Pest Management Guide for the Willamette Valley, EM 8329, Oregon State University Extension Service.

(c) For Umatilla and Union counties Cherry Fruit Fly Pest Management for control areas in Umatilla and Union counties. EM 8587, Oregon State University Extension Service.

[Publications: Publications referenced are available from the agency.]

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