Spring Sunrise
Nursery Stock
Mature Hazelnut Orchard

1. Economics

2. Scion Cultivars

3. Nurseries

4. Crop Management

4.1 Production Guidelines

4.2 Online Phenology and Degree Day Models

4.3 Soil Sampling and Nutrient Management

4.4 Irrigation

4.5 Pruning

4.6 Fertilization 



5. Integrated Pest Management

5.1 Insect Pests

5.2 Diseases

5.3 Weeds

5.4 Additional Resources

6. Postharvest

7. General

  • Oregon Hazelnut Industry Links
    Hazelnut Marketing Board, the Oregon Hazelnut Commission, the Nut Growers Society and the Oregon Association of Hazelnut Industries combined site

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