Integrated Pest Management

Courses and Workshops

Our courses are designed for University Extension field faculty, Extension Master Gardeners, agency professionals, and crop consultants on identification of insects - both beneficial and pesky bugs.

Participants create their own sample collections to use in their follow-up educational projects.  These volunteers can identify pests of the Pacific Northwest and will help others do the same.

False Wheathead Armyworm






The training includes many hands-on aspects:

  • Collecting, mounting, and identifying pests,
  • Using a stereo microscope, and
  • Using pest keys.

Training also includes pest management and creation of an educational display.

Geocoris Nymph on Aster

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Class Handouts:

Handout material can be used only for teaching purposes. A lot of the information presented was taken from previous published material.

  • Diseases

  • Weeds

Online Presentations

  • Pesticides

    1. Pesticide Use Decisions: Examining Risks and Alternatives, Part 1 by Paul Jepson and Michael Guzy

Disclaimer: All material presented on this website is for

educational purposes only.


Class facilitators:


Useful Links:

To purchase collecting supplies, visit BioQuip.


For registration information, please contact OSU Extension Service:

Shevon Hatcher - (541) 278-5403 or Lora Sharkey - (541) 567-8321


For more course information, please contact:

Silvia Rondon - (541) 567-8321 


Sponsored in part by WSARE, OSU, OSU Extension, WSU, and University of Idaho.