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  • Oregon Climate Service Is the official state archive for Oregon weather and climate data and is located at Oregon State University in Corvallis.
  • NOAA Provides links to weather related subjects and is a good way to get up-to-the minute forecasts.
  • Local Forecasts For the latest forecasts and observations
  • IPM Weather Data and Degree-Days These formatted weather data, degree-days, and degree-day products (calculators, models, maps, and map calculator) are kept current and relevant for pest management decision making purposes for Extension personnel, growers, field persons, consultants, researchers, and students.
  • AgriMet A tool available to growers producing irrigated crops. Use as a decision-making tool for irrigation scheduling based on crop water use rates.
  • Oregon Snow Pack Information provided by USDA, NRCS and Water & Climate Center in Portland, Oregon.
  • NCDC List stations in Umatilla County.
  • NCDC National Climatic Data Center "World's largest archive of weather data".


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