4-H Youth Development

What is 4-H?

4-H is a youth education program for boys and girls in kindergarten through 12th grade. For youth 5-8 years old (4-H Cloverbuds), the program is designed to meet the development characteristics of young children. It emphasizes cooperative learning and excludes competitive events. Youth 9-19 years old belong to clubs led by volunteer leaders and take part in club activities such as community service, educational tours, and fun events. In addition to club activities, there is a wide variety of enrichment activities offered at the county, state, national and international levels.

4-H helps young people discover and develop life skills and set personal goals. Involvement in project areas gives members the help needed to improve specific skills and explore new ones. Activities within clubs also introduce members to the importance of helping others through community service.

How to join 4-H?

All that is required for a youth to join 4-H is a strong desire to learn, have fun and completion of a simple enrollment process.


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For more information please contact:

4-H Agent - Karie Kelley
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