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We provide woodland owners and managers with resources to help make informed stewardship and management decisions, including classes, publications, newsletters, office and field consultations, and local applied research. We bring state and national expertise to the community through our affiliation with the OSU Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Program and the OSU College of Forestry. We bring local relevance to our programs through the Oberteuffer Research and Education Forest, which is managed by the OSU College of Forestry and the local Forestry & Natural Resources extension agent. The 110 acre forest near Elgin, Oregon serves as a field site for education, applied research and demonstration.



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By accessing the OSU Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Program website - here you will find an abundance of information for a variety of forestry audiences. You can learn more about programs such as Master Woodland Manager, Master Naturalist, Women Owning Woodlands and Ties to the Land. You can learn more about subjects such as estate and successional planning, reducing fire hazards, management planning, planting trees, selling timber and logging, thinning, wildlife management and much more. There is also information about other online learning resources.


"Life on the Dry Side, formerly Blue Mountains Renewable Resources Newsletter"

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Obertueffer Research and Education Forest

Log Market Reports

Local Forestry Workshop Handouts


How to Manage your Forest, an online Extension program that includes 5 teaching modules.

OSU Forestry Publications

Resources outside OSU Extension:

General Forest Health

Oregon Dept of Forestry

Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Oregon Solutions

Wallowa Resources


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