"SNACZ" 4-H Club

An exciting NEW 4-H Program that focuses on Youth Leadership, Community Change, and Health

What is "SNACZ"?

"SNACZ" is an exciting new 4-H program happening in Union County.  The goal of "SNACZ" is to engage youth as advocates for creating "healthy snacking zones" in their schools and nearby food stores.  Youth are working with adult volunteers and 4-H "SNACZ" Ambassadors to plan and conduct outreach activities to:                                                                                          

  • Promote healthy snacking among their peers and parents
  • Advocate for changes in school policies & practices to support healthy snacking
  • Collaborate with local food store owners to promote healthy snacks in the stores


The communities of Cove, Elgin, Imbler, North Powder and Union have SNACZ clubs.  Currently there are 43 club members, 5 student ambassadors and 7 club leaders participating in the program. Click on the following links to visit each club's homepage: Cove, Elgin, Imbler, North Powder & Union

What are the benefits of participating in "SNACZ"?

"SNACZ" is a wonderful opportunity for youth to learn about nutrition and gain valuable leadership skills in: project planning, community organizing, communication and research methods.

In addition, youth will conduct a community assessment using "Photovoice" and have an opportunity to participate in an annual "SNACZ" Conference where they will share fun activities focused on nutrition.

Want to be involved?

Please contact Patty Herron or Shannon Gray, "SNACZ" Coordinators at OSU Extension Service 541-963-1010.