4-H Youth Development Program

The Warm Springs 4-H Youth Development Program has been helping youth on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation for more than 50 years.  Through a partnership with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and Oregon State University Extension Service, volunteers in the community and staff/faculty of the University and Tribes’ work together to bring programs to youth that help them gain skills and new knowledge.

Warm Springs 4-H program serves young people from K-12th grade. Youth learn leadership skills, connect with culture and gain knowledge to help them be successful in school and in the community. We offer 4-H clubs, projects, afterschool programs and summer camps.

Warm Springs 4-H program is based on the research on “Positive Youth Development” that attempts to build the “C’s”for youth:  - Character (morals, sense of responsibility to others)-Confidence (belief in themselves)-Caring (about others)-Connection (with the community and family)-Competence (skills) These attributes add up to a sixth “C” ---Contribution.  (Making positive contributions to the community and things outside themselves).   An important additional "C" at Warm Springs is Culture.

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For further information, please contact:

Morning Rae Ferris, Instructor, 4-H Youth Development




Warm Springs Extension Service

Oregon State University

P.O. Box 430

1110 Wasco Street

Warm Springs, OR 97761

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