Lynn E. Long
Professor and Extension Horticulturist

2016 Crop Update- 7/15/16

Spotted Wing Drosophila Counts
    Updated 7/14/16


Spotted Wing Drosophila
    As presented at 4/29/16 Orchard Managers Mtg. by Dr. Vaughn Walton, OSU

Updates to the 2016 HR Landscape
    As presented at 4/22/16 Orchard Managers Mtg. by Roberta Gruber, OR Farm Bureau FEELDS Program

2016 Financial Benchmarks for Orchards
    As presented at 4/8/16 Orchard Managers Mtg. by Clark F. Seavert

2016 Mid-Columbia Cherry Day Presentations

Upright Fruiting Offshoots Economics Spreadsheet Tool
    (MS Excel)   Developed by Clark F. Seavert

 Video on How to Prune Trees on Gisela and other Productive Rootstocks 
     By Greg Lang, MSU and Lynn Long, OSU

Video- Training Cherries to the UFO, KGB, TSA and SSA Systems     By Greg Lang, MSU and Lynn Long, OSU


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