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Lynn E. Long
Professor and Extension Horticulturist

Lynn Long is an Extension Horticulturist for Oregon State University. His work is centered in the Mid-Columbia region of Oregon, the main sweet cherry production area of the state. He has served in that position for the last 28 years in The Dalles. Over that time, his work has focused on sweet cherry variety, rootstock and training system evaluations. He has authored or co-authored numerous publications relating to cherry varieties, rootstocks, training systems, pruning and orchard establishment. He has recently completed a sabbatical where he studied rootstock and training system research in France, Italy and Germany. Along with Drs. Greg Lang and Clive Kaiser he is currently writing a grower oriented book on cherry production that will be published by the Good Fruit Grower magazine. 

Wasco County Updates

2016 Cherry Pruning Tour

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

7:30am in English
1:30pm en Espanol 

First Stop: Gary Wade and Marlis Rufener Orchard
Second Stop: John Byers Orchard

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2016 Cherry Tree Hardiness

Drew Hubbard, PhD student at the Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center (MCAREC), has been following the acclimation of cherry trees in the Mid-Columbia since early October. 

Read the summary here

Updated: 11/27/2016

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Other Resources for Cherry Growers

Learn online with our video series!

A collaboration between Lynn Long, OSU and Greg Lang, MSU, this 2-part series contains 8 instructive videos on pruning for dwarfing rootstocks, and 6 videos on how to develop the training systems KGB, UFO, SSA and TSA.

See all the videos, and watch in order HERE.

Upcoming Events



November 30-
December 2 

Portland  National Women in Sustainable Agriculture Conference 
December 7 The Dalles Oregon Pesticide Applicator Recertification
December 9-10 Hood River Orchard Bee Association Annual Meeting
December 13 The Dalles Cherry Pruning Tour


January 19 Hood River Train-the-Trainer: Worker Protection Standard
January 23
online  Blueberry Physiology, Production Systems and Management online course 
January 27 Hood River Hands-On Training for Spanish-Speaking Pesticide Handlers