4-H Leader Information and Forms


How do I become a 4-H Volunteer/Leader in Wasco County?

Application Form for approval (English)

Application Form for approval (Spanish)

Criminal History check Release Authorization Form (English)

Background Check Form for approval (Spanish)

Conditions of Volunteer Service Form



2012-2013 Enrollment form for approved volunteers (english)

Enrollment form for approved volunteers (spanish)

Template A: 4-H Volunteer Role Description


Short Term Volunteer Agreement, form is needed for each event. Revised January 2012

Volunteer Orientation, Training and Resources

Information About Projects and Project/Club Resources

List of Publications and Resources for Projects

Western Regional 4-H Leader's Forum (WRLF)

Volunteer e-Learning Course (Online New Leader Orientation modules)

e-Learning Overview and Instructions

Trainings for volunteer leaders and judges in the areas of Foods & Nutrition and Food Preservation

Fun & Effective 4-H Meetings. Suggested plan for a 60 to 90 minute meeting.


Note to Leaders:

Lynette would like to come visit your club at one of its regular meetings and lead a short, fun, interactive activity.

Please contact the Extension Office with a few date and time options for Lynette. She would like the opportunity to visit each club at least once.

It will be a great learning experience for your members and get them thinking about projects they might want to work on for next year's fair!