Pest & Disease Management

Spotted Wing Drosophila Counts
Updated 7/14/2016

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National Worker Protection Standard: A Manual for Trainers of Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers
The Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) & the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); 2016


  Brown Marmorated Stink Bug - Good Fruit Grower, Web 2012
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Mid-Columbia Pest Management Guide January 2016

Bacterial Canker of Sweet Cherry in Oregon,

Spotts, Allen, Olsen, Long & Pscheidt

May 2010
  Spotted Wing Drosophila Management Guide  
  Spotted Wing Drosophila Control Recommendations January 2012
  Spotted Wing Drosophila October 2009
  Spotted Wing Drosophila Mid-Columbia Workshop-handout March 2010
  Spotted Wing Drosophila Mid-Columbia Workshop-PowerPoint presentation March 2010

Bacterial Canker-Infection & Control,

Bob Spotts, Kelly Wallis

March 2010
  P Syringae Bacterial Canker March 2010
  How to Reduce the Risk of Pesticide Resistance in Cherry Pests in Oregon,(EM8951) Clive Kaiser, Anita Azarenko, Lynn Long, Bob Spotts September 2008
  Ambrosia Beetle June 2005
  Cherry Leaf Roll Virus  
  Thrips on Cherries, Helmut Riedl April 2003
  Reducing Bird Damage May 2002
  Cytospora Canker  
  Bacterial Canker October 2002
  Obliquebanded Leafroller  
  OBLR in Spanish  
  Environmental Factors Affecting Mite Populations  
  Protecting Trees in Winter  
  Powdery Mildew Control  
  Controlling Powdery Mildew with Horticultural Mineral Oil  



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