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sweet cherry compatibility and bloom timing chart

Sweet Cherry Compatibility and Bloom Timing Chart

Many sweet cherry cultivars are unable to set fruit without a compatible pollinizer that blooms at the same time and is from a different compatibility group. This chart will help you select the right pollinizer for your chosen cultivar. For self-sterilized culitivars to set fruit, pollinizers must have at least one allele that is different than the main cultivar and these two cultivars must bloom simultaneously.

sweet cherry cultivars for the fresh market

Sweet Cherry Cultivars for the Fresh Market

Lynn E. Long, Matthew Whiting and Roberto Nunez-Elisea

PNW 604, Published December 2007, Reviewed July 2016

Describes dark red and blush sweet cherry cultivars, including harvest timing, color when ripe, suggested pollinizers and rootstocks, size, firmness, yielt potenial, and other traits. Includes color photo of each cultivar.

sweet cherry cultivars for brining freezing and canning in oregon

Sweet Cherries for Brining, Freezing and Canning in Oregon

Lynn E. Long and Jeff Olsen

EM 9056, Published February 2013

This publication gives an overview of processing cherry production in Oregon and describes cherry cultivars used for brining, freezing and canning. It also provides information on diverting fresh-market cherries to the processing industry and developing strategies for profitability.

2016 Cherry Data

Cherry Data by Year:

OSU Variety Block Pitting Tests Cracking Tests
2015 2015 2015
2014 2014 2014
2013 2013





Other Resources

New Cherry Varieties, Pearl Series & More (Presentation)
Lynn E. Long (2017); Presentation for the 2017 WSU Stone Fruit Day Meeting; Wenatchee, WA

Cowiche(TM) 'PC 7903-2' Sweet Cherry
N.C. Oraguzie, D. Ophardt, M.D. Whiting, G.A. Lang & L.E. Long (2014); HortScience 49(10); pp. 1346-1348

Kiona(TM) Sweet Cherry
N.C. Oraguzie, D. Ophardt, M.D. Whiting, G.A. Lang & L.E. Long (2010); HortScience 45(12); pp. 1906-1907

Evaluation of Sweet Cherry Cultivars and Advanced Selections Adapted to the Pacific Northwest
L.E. Long, R. Nuñez-Elisa & H. Cahn (2008). ACTA Hort (795) pp. 255-260

Evaluation of Sweet Cherry Cultivars and Selections Adapted to the Pacific Northwest  (Presentation)
Lynn E. Long, 2009; Presentation on cultivars of interest to PNW growers in 2009

Consumer Sensory Evaluation of Sweet Cherry Cultivars in Oregon, USA
J. Turner, C. Seavert, A. Colonna & L.E. Long (2008). ACTA Hort (795); pp. 781-786

Three Steps to Growing High Quality Lapins and Sweethearts
Lynn E. Long, (May 15, 2008); Good Fruit Grower Magazine

Fruit Quality Characteristics of Early Ripening Varieities in Comparison to Bing
Lynn E. Long and Roberto Nuñez-Elisea (2006)
Includes cultivars such as Royal Ranier, Margit and Cristalina.

Fruit Quality Characteristics of Sweet Cherry Cultivars and Selections in Comparison to Bing
Lynn E. Long and Roberta Nuñez-Elisea (2006)

Turkish Cherries
Lynn E. Long (2006)

Consumer Responses to New Cherry Varieties - Results of 2004/2005 Testing
Lynn E. Long, Anna Marin, Ann Colonna, Janet Turner, Pam Manning, and Clark Seavert (2006); Oregon State University

European Varieties, 2000
Summary of observations of varieties and cultivars from sabbatical in 2009