4-H Volunteers/Leaders

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Resources for Approved Leaders

Every approved 4-H Volunteer (Leaders and Superintendents) must re-enroll every year. The Volunteer re-enrollment packet includes the volunteer enrollment form, the Conditions of Volunteer Service form, the 4-H Code of Ethics and a Background Check. Wasco County Volunteers are scheduled for Criminal Background checks every other year.

The main leader of each 4-H club has the responsibility of completing the Annual Financial Statement which is due July 5th.

Before a club embarks on a fundraising activity, the Fundraising Proposal must be sent to the 4-H Agent for approval.

4-H Leader's Meetings

Wasco County 4-H leaders and volunteers meet 6 times a year at the Extension Service to discuss issues and opportunitities related to their project areas.

Leaders of Family Science/Home Economics, Expressive Arts, and Horticulture (HEARTH) project areas meet from 6:00-7:00 pm followed by animal project leaders at 7:00 pm. These meetings are generally on the second Tuesday of October, December, February, April, June.


Meeting Minutes can be found in the appropriate Wasco County 4-H Inside Story.

4-H Publications and Resources for Projects

We Decide: A Guide for Group-determined Project

Facts About 4-H

Exciting Meetings for Great Groups

For the Well-being of Youth and Adults

Active Teaching--Active Learning: Teaching Techniques and Tools

Starting a 4-H Club or Group

Planning and Conducting 4-H Club Meetings

Leadership and Teaching Techniques

Opportunities and Resources for 4-H Adult Volunteers


4-H cloverBe a 4-H Volunteer!

We welcome adults to become volunteers in our program. Volunteers go through training and screening to become 4-H leaders. There are several types of 4-H leaders:

Club Leaders are mentors who oversee a group of young people learning about one or more topic areas.

Assistant/Project Leaders help with a club, perhaps by leading a particular project area or completing an organizational task.

Resource Leaders are not affiliated with a particular club, but they might provide technical assistance to several clubs or plan countywide activities.

All adult volunteers must go through our screening process and attend trainings. The application includes

  1. Volunteer Screening & Education Process and Application (2-sided)
  2. Background Release form - Please note: Also include a photo copy of your official ID with your release form. The Background Release Form need to be returned to us in a sealed envelope marked "Confidential.
  3. Form for Personal Reference (three needed) - We will send this form to your references. Please provide complete contact information for three people who are not related to you.
  4. Volunteer Enrollment form
  5. Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability form
  6. 4-H Code of Ethics form

All materials and training are provided free of charge to volunteer leaders in recognition of their contributions to the program. You may begin your club meetings as soon as you receive confirmation that your application has been processed and you officially enroll in the county 4-H program.

Contact us for an application or for questions about becoming a leader.