Older Youth Opportunities

Opportunities for Middle and High School Aged Youth

The 4-H Leadership Club is open to all members ages 12 and up. This club is a combination of the Jr. Leader program (intermediates) and the 4-H Ambassadors (seniors). The club generally meets on the third Wednesdays, however this can (and does) change. Meetings include fun leadership training activities along with regular business. Other activities include service projects and retreats. If you are interested in joining, contact Elli at 541-296-5494 or elli.vanderzanden@oregonstate.edu.

YA4-H!: Youth Advocates for Health! is a club for middle and high school aged youth who are interested in the health of their community and it's citizens. The Wasco County program focuses on gardening and growing fresh vegetables and fruit and promoting ways of cooking and eating garden produce. 

Summer Conference at OSU Campus is a super fun event for youth ages 12-19 being held June 21-24. Youth stay in dorms, explore campus life, make new friends, learn, and have a lot of fun. County registration form is needed for OSU Summer Conference. Online registration begins May 15th at 7 am.

There are several College Scholarships availble for 4-H members. Information on these scholarships is availble on the Oregon 4-H website. Applications are due to the Wasco County Extension Office by February 25th.

Contact us for additional information on any of these older youth opportunitites.


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Publication will be made available in accessible formats upon request. Please call 541-296-5494 for information. If you have a physical disability that requires special considerations in order for you to attend the 4-H events, please notify the Wasco County Extension Service at 541-296-5494 by 10 days in advance of the event.