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four simple steps to pruning cherry trees on gisela and other productive rootstocks

Four Simple Steps to Pruning Cherry Trees on Gisela and Other Productive Rootstocks

Lynn E. Long, PNW 592; January 2007 (Reviewed July 2016)

When producing cherries on productive rootstocks, orchardists must focus on reducing crop load and increasing vigor. This publication discusses how to use thinning cuts, stub cuts, and heading cuts to achieve these objectives. Includes step-by-step illustrated instructions.

cuatro pasos sencillos para la poda de cerezos sobre gisela y otros portainjertos productivos

Cuatro pasos sencillos para la poda de cerezos sobre Gisela y otros portainjertos productivos

Lynn E. Long, PNW 592-S; January 2007 (Reviewed July 2016)

Para producir cerezos sobre portainjertos productivos, hay que reducir la carga frutal y aumentar el vigor del arbol. Esta publicacion explica como usar los cortes de entresaque, el troncon en ramas y el desmoche de ramas para lograr estos objectivos. Incluye instrucciones de paso a paso e ilustraciones.


Learn how!

Lynn Long (OSU) and Greg Lang (MSU) created a series of instructive videos on pruning. The video here is 3 (or 4?) Steps to pruning the mature Gisela cherry orchard

You can find the whole series at the Gisela Cherry website

or at the Gisela YouTube Channel

video of 3 steps to pruning the mature gisela cherry orchard

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