Rain Cracking

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effects of soluble potassium silicate soil drenching on sweet cherry fruit quality

Effects of Soluble Potassium Silicate Soil Drenching on Sweet Cherry Fruit Quality

C. Kaiser, J.M. Christensen, M.D. Whiting, A.N. Azarenko & L.E. Long (2014). ACTA Hort (1020); pp. 339-346

prevention of sweet cherry fruit cracking using sureseal an organic biofilm
Prevention of Sweet Cherry Fruit Cracking Using SureSeal, an Organic Biofilm
C. Kaiser, L.E. Long, M. Meland, J.M. Christensen & E. Fallahi (2014). ACTA Hort (1020); pp 477-488.
physical and chemical methods to avoid fruit cracking in cherry

Physical and Chemical Methods to Avoid Fruit Cracking in Cherry
M. Meland, C. Kaiser & J.M. Christensen (2014). AgroLife Scientific Journal, 3(1); pp 177-183.

diagnostico y manejo de partiduras en cerezas Diagnostico y Manejo de Partiduras en Cerezas
R. Bastias, M.J. Leyton, R. Valenzuela, M. Saavedra, G. Soto & L.E. Long

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Materials to Mitigate Cherry Cracking
Rob Blakey, WSU Extension
WSU Fruit Matters online newsletter; April, 2017

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