Going to College? Want a Good Career?

For sure!  4-H Water Wizards is a project of Oregon State University and our partners.  Build your resume, explore academic programs and well paying, exciting careers that you may not have realized even exist.  You will have an inside track to college campuses and special opportunities.

In 4-H Water Wizards you will work alongside college instructors, scientists, and professionals from many fields.  Wildlife biologists, park rangers, nature guides, hydrologists, oceanographers, ecologists…  Those are just a few of the environmental careers making a difference in our world.  But it doesn’t end there. 

  • Are you interested in filmmaking?  Meet and learn from professional journalists and artists giving voice to peoples’ needs and water issues around the planet. 
  • Do you want a career in engineering?  Visit projects like the Oregon State University Wave Laboratory and discover how scientists are protecting the Oregon coast from tsunamis. 
  • Are you passionate about social services and public health?  Remember, water is vital to the health and well-being of our global society. 

There is truly something for every interest in 4-H Water Wizards.

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