Make a Difference! Sustainability Matters.

photo of hands holding a green globeMake a Difference! Sustainability Matters.

Join your friends to help others and the environment by investigating water issues in your community, state and world.  Once you’ve found an issue or problem that you care about…  SOLVE IT by leading volunteer service projects. 

Helping others and the environment is one of the most important parts of 4-H Water Wizards.  Everyone who joins the team is required to do at least 15 hours of volunteer service. 

There are many ways to help.  Are you interested in restoring damaged habitat along a stream?  Would you like to plan and lead a beach clean-up?  Are there drinking water quality issues affecting people in your community?  Or maybe you would like to work on a project supporting access to clean water on the other side of the world.  Together with the4-H Water Wizards team you will create positive change.

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