YA4-H Banner in Green and Blueteens completing vending machine surveyTeens at Sunset High School (Washington County) & David Douglas High School (Multnomah County) are currently working to form YA4-H! Teams at their schools.  Right now, each team is working on an OSU research project which involves using observational research methods to answer the following questions:

1. What is the quality of snacks and beverages in vending machines in schols in different communities and counties across the state?

2. What is the availability, quality, and cost of fresh fruits and vegetables in different types of stores in different neighborhoods, communities, and counties across the state?

Aside from our two counties, 34 other Oregon counties are also forming YA4-H! teams to help collect data for the healthy food access youth research project. In March, when all of the data has been collected, researchers at OSU will organize the data and share the results with YA4-H! teams across the state. The teams will then have the opportunity to decide how to share the results of the research with others, and determine what actions can be taken based on what is learned.