Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:  Kids in 4-H

What age can you start 4-H?

Anyone in grades K-12 can be involved in 4-H. Youth in grades K-3 participate in the Cloverbuds program (also called Adventures).  In grade 4 children enter the traditional 4-H program.

What types of programs are available?

There is a wide variety of programs available through 4-H including: horticulture, leadership, arts and music, home economics, technology, robotics, natural sciences, small animals, dog, horse and pony, livestock, marine science, camps, aeronautics, poultry, and more.

What is the Cloverbuds/Adventures Program?

The Cloverbuds/Adventures program is designed for youth in grades K-3. This program gives youth an overall picture of what 4-H is. It is a non-competitive, experiential program. Youth in this age group do not participate in certain activities for safety reasons: dogs, horses, ponies, sheep, swine, beef, dairy cattle, goats, llamas, ATV’s, tractors, and shooting sports.

How are kids placed in a 4-H club or program? 

We do not place youth in 4-H clubs/programs, we believe the parent is the best judge of what program or club is best for their children. We provide parents with the contact information of 4-H volunteer club leaders so that parents can contact them directly and choose who and what 4-H activity is best for their child.

Is there a time commitment for parents?

4-H is a family oriented experience. Parents are encouraged to attend 4-H meetings with their kids. Depending on the club, parents may be requested to help out. Parents are welcome to participate at all levels or become a 4-H volunteer.

How much is the project service fee?  

The project service fee is $25 per youth member with a maximum of $50 per family when enrolling in the fall. Members pay only one fee and are able to participate in as many projects as they want.  There is no charge to be a 4-H volunteer.

Are there any deadlines for participation? 

Kids and volunteers can join a 4-H club anytime of the year, but many clubs start meeting in the fall. Metro 4-H kids may participate in the Washington County Fair or Horse Fair as an optional celebration in the summer. There are deadlines to participate in the Fair. These deadlines are in place both for safety and to ensure that members have had adequate time for instruction prior to fair, but kids and adults are welcome to join 4-H at any time of year to start learning.

When and where do clubs meet? 

Frequency, locations, and times are different with every club. Clubs are run by volunteers who have donated their time to help youth.

Other Questions?

Please always feel free to call, e-mail, or drop by our offices.  OSU Extension 4-H has a diverse array of resources to help ensure kids have the most positive learning experiences possible.

Thank you for your interest in 4-H!