4-H Wagon Train

Washington County 4-H Wagon Train | Contact Information

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Washington County 4-H Wagon Train | History & Background Information

The 4-H Wagon Train has been going on for over 30 years and has touched many lives- both youth and adult.  As a 4-H program, registration runs through the OSU Extension Service.  Each pioneer registers as either a member (youth) or an adult leader.  The 4-H Wagon Train follows the 4-H guidelines for how they work, learn, play, and conduct themselves at general meetings during the year, the Tune Up, and the Wagon Train.

Attendance at a minimum of four General Meetings is required to prepare everyone for the Wagon Train.  Information regarding the trail, dates, pre-Wagon Train activities, volunteer workload, and health and safety issues is provided- as well as the opportunity to get to know the other pioneers.  These meetings are in place to ensure that everyone is prepared for the July Wagon Train.

The 4-H Wagon Train is made up of hikers, outriders, and teamsters who together make up committees that plan, lead, and make decisions during the year to prepare for the Wagon Train. Each adult committee leader has a "Junior" who works with and assists the adult with their position during the year and most importantly during the trip.  Each year there is a "Juniors Day" where the kids lead all of the activities for that day and make all the decisions.

This is a working wagon train and everyone has a responsibility to prepare themselves and their animals physically for the 7-12 mile hikes that will happen each day of the Wagon train.  The 4-H Wagon Train provides meals for the week but everyone involved will be asked to help serve, clean up, and prepare lunches as part of their roles as pioneers.  Pioneer attire is encouraged during the Wagon Train, especially on "layover day".

Washington County 4-H Wagon Train | Pioneer Roles

  • Wagon Master- Ensures safe and smooth operation of the whole train
  • Camp Boss- Leads group in camp
  • Cook- Oversees all cooking and the kitchen
  • Lead Support- Oversees all logistics
  • Lead Walker- Leads hikers/walkers
  • Teamster- Drives his/her wagon
  • Swamper- Assists Teamsters
  • Wrangler- Ensures safety of horses and mules
  • Ramrod- Rides drag and acts as back up for Wagon Master
  • Scout- Develops the trail and leads the train