4-H Water Wizards

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4-H Water Wizards is an afterschool mentoring program focused on water resources, ranging from local watersheds to marine ecosystems.  This program uses a combination of lab, field and service learning opportunities to help raise youth awareness and knowledge of environmental resources and issues. 4-H Water Wizards also has a strong connection to academic and professional development and provides older youth campus tours, job shadows, internships and similar opportunities. Contact us to learn more!


  • Passion, excitement, and interest! Youth should be a part of the team, have fun, and come ready to enjoy their experience.
  • Members should attend most of the classes and field trips.  We will work with members to make up missed activities.
  • Everyone is required to complete 15 hours of volunteer service.  This may sound like a lot, but 15 hours goes quickly when youth are having fun and passionate about making a difference!

Program Components

Got Science. Will Travel.  Biology, geology, botany, oceanography, ecology... Take your pick, because we've got them all! Read More

Aquatic Robotics. Youth engineer and build underwater robots while exploring the latest technology and innovations that are used in everything from researching life on the ocean floor to creating breathtaking films. Read More

Passionate About Art? Water flows through the music, art, and expressions of all societies and cultures. Join us to create a picture and give a voice to the beauty and importance of water. Read More

Make a Difference! Sustainability Matters.  Youth help others and environment by investigating water issues in their community, state, and world. Read More

Going to College? Want a Good Career? For Sure! 4-H Water Wizards is a project of Oregon State University and our partners.  Read More

Paid Internships and Special Projects. Youth will have the opportunity to apply for paid internships and special projects. Read More

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