Washington County is home to a very diversified agricultural economy. In 2009, agricultural production in Washington County topped $4,106,865. Nursery and greenhouse crops accounted for about 50%; followed by grass and legumes 11%; berries 6%; tree fruits and nuts 5%;  grain and hay 4%; vegetable and truck crops 2%.  

Washington County is served by twelve OSU Extension area agricultural faculty based in several counties. A variety of educational programs are offered during the year for commercial growers and pesticide applicators. In addition to group educational programs and field research, Extension faculty spend time with commercial growers individually.


Faculty/Staff Serving Washington County

Nicole Anderson Commercial Grass & Legume Seeds, Grains, and Forages 503-821-1127
Nick Andrews Small Farm Production, NWREC* 503-678-1264 x 149

Troy Downing

Dairy Production, Tillamook County Extension 503-842-3433
Gordy Vanderzanden Seed Certification Aide 503-821-1150
Diane Kaufman Commercial Berries, NWREC* 503-678-1264 x 123

Weston Miller

Consumer Horticulture and Metro Master Gardeners 503-650-3124

Bob McReynolds

Commercial Vegetable Production, NWREC* 503-678-1264 x 125

Jeff Olsen

Commercial Tree Fruits and Nuts 503-434-7517

Gene Pirelli

Livestock and Forage Education 503-623-8395

Richard Regan

Commercial Nursery Crops, NWREC* 503-678-1264 x 122

Robin Rosetta

Commercial Pest Management, NWREC* 503-678-1264 x 133

Wei Yang

Commercial Blueberry Production, NWREC* 503-678-1264 x 126

*North Willamette Research & Extension Center near Aurora

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