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CPO 7 general meetings are regularly held on the second Monday of every other month (7-8:30 pm, at the TVF&R Station 68 Community Room, 13545 NW Evergreen St., Portland.

CPO 7 Meetings

CPO 7 is changing its meeting schedule. Meetings are now held on the second Monday of the month.

  • General community meetings will be held in odd-numbered months. Steering Committee meetings will be held in even-numbered months.

Next Meeting:
Monday, November 9, 7pm



7:00 pm


General Announcements


7:15 pm

CPO 7 Steering Committee Elections

Nominations for upcoming year of 2016:

Kevin O’Donnell

Marty Moyer 

Jeff Petrillo

Mary Manseau

David Shettles

Cindy Thackery

William Porkorny

Megan Rutherford

Officer positions will be determined by the newly elected Steering Committee at the December 14th Steering Committee meeting.


7:30 pm

Washington County Road Improvement Funding Overview

Washington County representatives will provide an overview of County road improvement funding sources and how limited funding is prioritized. A brief Q&A will follow.


8:00 pm

Saltzman Road Community Discussion

Now that the process is understood, what can the community do about Saltzman Road? Let’s talk history, what’s going on today, and how the community can move forward.


8:50 pm

Wrap up, Announcements, Adjournment



CPO 7 Steering Committee

CPO 7 is recruiting volunteers for its Steering Committee; consider taking on a leadership role. It can be a rewarding experience!      

CPO 7 Steering Committee officers work together to:

  • Organize and hold CPO meetings which give people the opportunity to exchange information and concerns, and in some cases, develop strategies to address those concerns about our community.
  • Lead efforts that keep community members informed of upcoming land use, transportation, and environmental projects.
  • Provide forums that present both sides of an issue.

Taking on a CPO 7 leadership role gives you the opportunity to:

  • Build connections by engaging with community leaders, elected officials and representatives from agency and district service providers.
  • Grow your leadership skills through trainings and the experience of operating a citizen organization.

At this time the Chair and Vice Chair (Bethany) positions are vacant. Consider getting involved! Email cpo7chair@gmail.com or contact Beth St. Amand at beth.stamand@oregonstate.edu or 503-821-1114. Leadership training is provided.




Land Use

Neighborhood Meetings

Neighborhood Meeting - November 11, 7:30 pm 
North Bethany Crest Townhomes and Apartments
Revised proposal for up to 125 town homes, 125-175 multi-family units on this 17-acre site (west of NW Kaiser and north of NW Brugger). Previously, this project received approval for 50 townhomes and 201 multi-family units (April 2015). Meeting will review the revised proposal. To be held at Fellowship Hall, 15505 NW Springville, Portland. NOTICE


Public Hearings and Comment Periods

Public Comment Period - Through November 6, 5 pm
Amberglen on the Park Apartments / Development Review 021-15
Development review of a three- and four-story multi-family apartment complex located in the Amberglen Plan District, 20150 NW Amberglen Ct. Proposed development will contain 276 units. Submit your comments by mail to: City of Hillsboro, 150 E Main St., Hillsboro, OR 97123. Reference Case File No. DR 021-15. NOTICE

Community Event: Provide Input

North Tualatin Mountains Natural Area / November 17, 6:30-8:30 pm. 11536 NW Skyline Blvd., Portland. Join Metro for this final community event to help shape the future of the North Tualatin Mountains Natural Area, including the preferred alternative and where new amenities, such as trails, parking, benches and viewpoints are proposed and provide input on the plans.


CPO 7 Successes of 2014

  • CPO 7 successfully advocated for maintaining safe routes for kids and families to bike/walk to parks and schools.
  • CPO 7 was instrumental in changing plans for Bethany Blvd. It will now stay three lanes and not five.
  • CPO 7 partnered with developers, THPRD and the County to plan and implement updates to our parks and trails in North Bethany.
  • CPO 7 worked with TriMet to establish direct bus routes for commuters and common sense locations for transit signage.
  • CPO 7 collaborated with local groups, like Saltzman Solutions, for road safety.



Volunteer/Involvement Opportunities

Comment Online - North Cooper Mountain Area Planning

Upcoming Events

Tree for All Community Stream Planting

Open Houses - Willamette Water Supply, Tualatin Valley Water District/City of Hillsboro

More Information

Current Severe Weather Shelter Activation List

Willamette Water Supply - Tualatin Valley Water District

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CPO 7 Hot Topics

7:00 pm / Welcome and Announcements
Welcome and meeting overview
Washington County Sheriff’s Department Update
Tigard City Police Update
Tigard Turns the Tide-Tigard-Tualatin School District: Crystal Logan, M.S., Outreach Specialist, and 
Connie Ramaekers, Coalition Director, will give an update on this community coalition working together to prevent drug and alcohol use among local youth.   
Bicycle Transportation Alliance: Lisa Frank an Advocate with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance will give an update on the latest information in Washington County, Tigard and Bull Mountain.
Open Microphone
Neighborhood Meeting Notices and 
Land Use Application Updates
Meeting Adjourned 





Help Make Oregon a Safer and Better Place to Bike

New Smartphone App
TTP Lab has developed a smartphone app to collect route, infrastructure, crash, and safety data for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Data provided by the ORcycle app users will be utilized to produce maps displaying all reported locations with crashes, safety or infrastructure issues/problems. State, county, and city staff as well as app users will be able to access maps with crash and safety data gathered by ORcycle. 

. . . 

CCI Meetings

The Washington County Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI) Meets Monthly
Each active CPO is represented on Washington County’s Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI), which has a focus including, but not limited to, citizen involvement policy issues. Meetings are held at 7 pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the TVF&R Community Room, 20665 SW Blanton St., Aloha. More information at http://bit.ly/11J3Pu5. Open to the public.

FHA's Resident's Guide for Creating Safer Communities for Walking and Biking

This publication, produced by the Federal Highway Administration, includes information and resources to help you learn about issues that affect walking and biking conditions and promote pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Willamette Water Supply Program

The Willamette Water Supply Program is planning to develop an additional source of water from the mid-Willamette River at Wilsonville. This project will expand the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant and add pipelines and storage to serve communities in Washington County. Several pipeline route alternatives are being considered. Construction in most areas will not begin for several years.


North Tualatin Mountains Natural Area Planning 

Metro is working to restore native habitat and expand opportunities to enjoy this scenic area. Learn about the project and provide your input at an upcoming open house (date to be determined) this Fall. Find out more about this project at the Sept. 14 CPO 7 Meeting and by reading this article

Severe Weather Shelter/Warming Centers

In times of freezing and inclement weather, severe weather shelters may activate in Washington County. For current Severe Winter Weather Shelter information, check the Current Severe Weather Shelter Activation List or contact 211 Info by dialing 2-1-1 from any landline phone or (503) 222-5555 from a cell phone, or visit 211 Info online.




Upcoming Washington County Public Affairs Forum Events
Schedule to come.

CPO 7 Leadership

Steering Committee


Vice Chair, CCI
Martha Moyer

Vice Chair, Bethany

Corresponding Secretary
Jeff Petrillo

Recording Secretary
Mary Manseau

Past Chair
Kevin O'Donnell 

CCI Representative
Mary Manseau, Martha Moyer

CCI Alternate
Mary Manseau, David Shettles

Member at Large
Jennifer Arend



CPO 7 Contact


Ground mail for CPO 7:
155 N First Ave, Suite 200 MS 48
Hillsboro, OR 97124-3072



Washington County CPO Program

CPO Program Coordinator
Beth St. Amand
155 N First Ave., Suite 200 MS48, Hillsboro, OR 97124



Sheriff's Office Contact

Crime Prevention Specialist
Doreen Rivera



Your Commissioner

Greg Malinowski
District 2
Email Commissioner Malinowski
About the Commissioner

Andy Duyck
Email Chairman Duyck
About the Chairman


Recording Secretary AND CCI Rep

CPO 7 Newsletters and Meeting Information

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Sunset West, Rock Creek, Bethany

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