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Meets the second Monday of each month
at 7 pm in the North Plains Fire Station
31370 NW Commercial, North Plains.


CPO 8 does not have a meeting scheduled for July or August.


We wish to acknowledge the contributions of the following members who served on the Pilot Project Team:

Robert Bailey   
Miki Barnes   
Linda deBoer   
Faun Hosey   
Henry Oberhelman
Margaret Reh
Ellen Saunders
Don Schoen
Pat Wolter

Assistive Listening Device accommodations will be made at CPO 8 meetings if notice is received at least 3 days in advance. To reserve equipment, email dan.schauer@oregonstate.edu or call 503-821-1123.


CPO 8 is now accepting nominations for Steering
Committee Members!

The CPO 8 Steering Committee is looking for volunteers interested in taking on leading roles in your
CPO so it continues to provide opportunities to make a difference. Interested in serving your community
and being mentored by others with years of experience? For more information, contact the CPO Program Coordinator Dan Schauer at dan.schauer@oregonstate.edu or 503-821-1123.

CPO 8 Steering Committee

Interim Officer
Henry Oberhelman

Henry Oberhelman

Members at Large
Henry Oberhelman

Washington County CPO Program

CPO Program Coordinator
Dan Schauer



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CPO 8 Mailing Address
PO Box 890, North Plains, OR 97133

Washington County CPO Program Mailing Address
155 N First Ave., Suite 200 MS48, Hillsboro, OR 97124




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North Plains, Helvetia, Mountaindale

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CPO 8 Hot Topics

Hillsboro Airport Parallel Runway

This summer, Hillsboro residents will notice some changes starting to occur at Hillsboro Airport as the Port of Portland begins construction on the new parallel runway. The parallel runway was identified in the 2003-2005 Hillsboro Airport Master Plan as a way to reduce congestion and delays while also improving efficiency at the airport. The runway will allow for a separation between departing/arriving aircraft and aircraft in the training patterns. The Port is reaching out to community members to provide information.

Those with questions or concerns are invited to contact Brooke Berglund at 503-415-6532 or brooke.berglund@portofportland.com




Intel Air Permit - Community Meeting July 15th
Intel wants to hear from you! July 15th, 6-7:30 pm, at the Hillsboro Mail Library in the first floor Community Room, 2850 NE Brookwood Pkwy., Hillsboro. A panel of experts will be on hand to answer your questions.


Following the public hearing on June 17th, the Washington County Board of Commissioners decided to refer a proposed countywide vehicle registration fee to the voters in November.

The County is considering a $30 per year fee on vehicles owned by residents and businesses. A $17 per year fee would apply to motorcycles/mopeds. Government, school, farm, antique, special interest and recreational vehicles, in addition to vehicles owned by disabled veterans would be exempt. If approved by the voters, 60 percent of the funds would be allocated to the county for roads it maintains and 40 percent to cities for use on roads they maintain. The ordinance will also be amended to provide greater clarity on how the funds will be used if the voters approve the fee.


For more information visit the County's Transportation Funding page.






2035 Transportation System Plan Update
The Transportation System Plan identifies transportation systems and outlines policies and strategies necessary to meet existing and future travel needs. Land Use Ordinance No. 783 was filed on May 16th which updates the plan. Public testimony can be presented at the July 2nd Planning Commission Hearing and the Board of County Commissioners Hearing tentatively scheduled for August 5th.


Time to Submit New Proposals for Minor Betterments
Washington County's Department of Land Use & Transportation invites the public to propose candidates for small-scale road improvements. To be eligible for Minor Betterment Program funding, the proposed improvement must address a safety or connectivity issue on a county road. This year's Minor Betterment Selection Committee will consider proposals received by July 15th.

Upcoming Washington County Public Affairs Forum Events
Schedule to come.