Forestry and Natural Resources Serving Yamhill, Washington and Columbia Counties


The Oregon State University Extension Forestry & Natural Resources Program provides woodland owners with information they need to make well-informed decisions on how best to take care of their woodland property and to satisfy their reasons for owning their land. We provide objective, research-based information and educational resources to family forest landowners around the state through workshops, tours, publications, and online resources. We also collaborate with many groups that have a shared interest in our region’s forests, including state agencies, watershed councils, loggers, researchers, Christmas tree growers, teachers, and many others.

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Amy Grotta is the Forestry & Natural Resources Extension faculty serving Columbia, Washington and Yamhill Counties (primary office location is St. Helens). View her home website for more information on Forestry & Natural Resources Extension programs in these counties.

Christmas Trees

Depending on the year and who is counting, Christmas trees ranks as Oregon’s fifth largest agricultural crop by sales. With around 63,000 acres in Christmas tree production, Oregon is the number one producer in the nation. In the last National Agricultural Statics Survey in 2005, growers shipped 6.9 million trees to consumers across the US and the world. The largest importer, California, received 47% of these trees and 13 % were shipped to Mexico.

For information and resources related to growing and managing Christmas trees, visit this OSU Extension Service site.


Christmas Tree Farm