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Generally meets the third Wednesday every other month at 7 pm at the Forest Hills Golf Course's banquet room, located at 36260 SW Tongue Lane, Cornelius



CPO 15 Meeting
Wednesday, January 20, 7pm


Our CPO 15 meetings provide great topics, conversation and cookies! We invite speakers of vital interest to our CPO 15 area, and we need your support, ideas and participation.


7:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions 

Call for Nominations of CPO Officers

Public Safety Update / Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy


Clean Water Services Update on Scoggins Dam

Presented by Project Manager Tom VanderPlaat

Funding for needed safety repairs, seismic upgrades and increased water storage was in the omnibus spending bill passed by Congress. The federal Bureau of Reclamation, which owns Scoggins Dam, can now proceed with planning and design of fixes to brace the dam to better withstand a major earthquake, while also raising it to provide Washington County with increased long-term water capacity.


Possible Ballot Initiative for School Funding

Update from Our Oregon on a possible 2016 ballot initiative to raise money for school funding.

Each CPO is neutral and cannot take positions on ballot measures. This is intended for informational purposes. If a speaker with a group opposing Our Oregon’s proposal would like time at an upcoming meeting, contact CPO 15.


High Speed Internet Service Update

Update by Betty Rose-Focus Subcommittee on Internet Access.


Update on Quake Up!

A hugely successful disaster preparedness event in October was sponsored by the Washington County CPOs. Video programs are being produced by Tualatin Valley Community Television from Quake Up! We’ll also have copies of materials at our meeting. Be prepared, not scared! VIDEO AND RESOURCES


  • Mark your calendars! Circle these upcoming CPO 15 meeting dates on your calendar: March 16, May 18.



Recent Meeting Recaps

Broadband Internet Service in Rural Washington County

Citizen Participation Organizations 10 and 15 held meetings in March and April 2015 to gain a better understanding of high speed Internet connectivity issues in rural Washington County. The meetings were well attended by rural residents and small businesses who engaged with expert speakers from large and small Internet Service Provider companies.

For background, a list of Internet Service Providers in Washington County, and takeaways from the meetings, see Internet Service in Rural Washington County.


Texting While Driving

A Washington County Sheriff’s Office Deputy and a Program Educator from the Department of Land Use and Transportation presented compelling reasons why we just cannot take this risk.

CPO 15 learned some of the latest scientific findings on the impact that technology has on attention and focus. We are all tempted to answer that phone or return a message while driving. If you want to know more evidence, listen to a rebroadcast of a Diane Rehms Show from December 26, 2014, with an interview by Matt Richtel who wrote A Deadly Wanderingthedianerehnshow.org/audio/#/shows2014-12-26/matt_richtel_a_deadly_wandering_rebroadcast/00.00



Volunteer/Involvement Opportunities

Washington County Boards and Commissions Vacancies

Upcoming Events

Tree for All Community Stream Planting

More Information

Oregon Health Authority - Radon

Village Without Walls - Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Aloha-Reedville

Willamette Water Supply - Tualatin Valley Water District/City of Hillsboro

Current Severe Weather Shelter Activation List

Oregon Election Results

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Meeting Agenda
7:00 pm    Welcome and Introductions
    Rural Internet Activity Update / CPO 15 Member Betty Rose
    Sheriff’s Deputy Report (if available)
    Library Levy / Cornelius Library Director Karen Hill
Our Oregon - Funding Education
Outreach Director Reyna Lopez speaks about Our Oregon, a non-profit coalition that raises awareness about the critical need to adequately fund education. http://ouroregon.org/
Earthquake Preparedness - Quake Up!
Two historic disasters hold lessons for the Pacific Northwest as we get ready for the coming Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. Sig Unander tells the dramatic stories of how San Francisco was destroyed in 1906 and Tokyo survived the huge 2011 episode in Japan. What can Oregon learn to help us face the threat here? Unander, an author and filmmaker, lives in Cornelius.

CPO leaders Peggy Harris and Stan Houseman will join Unander to preview the upcoming countywide Quake Up! Earthquake Preparedness Fair on Saturday, October 10th from 9 am-1:30 pm in downtown Hillsboro at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. This family-friendly, free event will help you take simple steps to prepare. Government agencies, the American Red Cross, and the CPO Program are collaborating to provide hands-on exhibits, informational tools, presentations, and a drawing for preparedness giveaways.

Watch for announcements and updates at http://extension.oregonstate.edu/washington/quake and start preparing now with www.take5tosurvive.com.

CPO 15 meeting place

CPO 15 Leadership

Steering Committee

Peggy Harris

Co-Vice Chairs
Dan and Marilyn Eischen 

Megan Stenburg

Paul Johnson

Members at Large
Ellie Morrison, Kay Nakao, Kim Vencill


CPO 15 Contacts

Peggy Harris, Chair

Dan and Marilyn Eischen, Vice-Chairs

Paul Johnson, CCI Rep

Ground mail for CPO 15:
155 N First Ave., Suite 200 MS48, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Washington County CPO Program

CPO Program Coordinator
Dan Schauer
155 N First Ave., Suite 200 MS48, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Sheriff's Office Contact

Crime Prevention Specialist
Annabelle Carlos

Your Commissioner

Bob Terry
District 4
Email Commissioner Terry
About Your Commissioner

Andy Duyck
Email Chairman Duyck
About Your Chairman


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CPO 15 Newsletters

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Fern Hill

Citizen Participation Organization newsletters are developed by representatives of your local CPO and are provided to you as part of the OSU Extension Service’s Community Resource Development Program. Washington County Administration, Departments, and/or officials claim no responsibility, expressed or implied, for the content of the newsletter.

To subscribe to your local CPO newsletter please go to the Citizen Participation Organization (CPO) Program Newsletter Sign-up. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view CPO newsletters.



Newsletters 2015







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There is no meeting scheduled in May.

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Meetings 2014

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CPO 15 Hot Topics



Help Make Oregon a Safer and Better Place to Bike

New Smartphone App

TTP Lab has developed a smartphone app to collect route, infrastructure, crash, and safety data for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Data provided by the ORcycle app users will be utilized to produce maps displaying all reported locations with crashes, safety or infrastructure issues/problems. State, county, and city staff as well as app users will be able to access maps with crash and safety data gathered by ORcycle.

Willamette Water Supply Program

The Willamette Water Supply Program is planning to develop an additional source of water from the mid-Willamette River at Wilsonville. This project will expand the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant and add pipelines and storage to serve communities in Washington County. Several pipeline route alternatives are being considered. Construction in most areas will not begin for several years.

Severe Weather Shelter/Warming Centers

In times of freezing and inclement weather, severe weather shelters may activate in Washington County. For current Severe Winter Weather Shelter information, check the Current Severe Weather Shelter Activation List or contact 211 Info by dialing 2-1-1 from any landline phone or (503) 222-5555 from a cell phone, or visit 211 Info online.

Upcoming Washington County Public Affairs Forum Events
Schedule to come.

CPO Schedule At A Glance

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CPO Maps

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CPO 1 - Cedar Hills, Cedar Mill

CPO 3 - West Slope, Raleigh Hills, Garden Home

CPO 4B - Bull Mountain, Tigard

CPO 4K - King City and Vicinity

CPO 4M - Metzger, East Tigard, Durham

CPO 6 - Reedville, Aloha, Cooper Mountain

CPO 7 - Sunset West, Rock Creek, Bethany

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CPO 9 - Hillsboro, Orenco

CPO 10 - Laurel, Farmington, Scholls, Chehalem Mtn, Groner

CPO 15 - Fern Hill

Hot Topics

From a CPO Leader to Pass Along

A Powerful Book on Texting While Driving and the Science of Stimulation

Texting While Driving (.pdf): A brief article prepared by Peggy Harris, CPO 15 Chair, for their January, 2015 meeting. 


Tree for All Community Stream Planting

Community stream planting campaign is kicking off this fall. Citizens from all over Washinton County will join with local organizations to plan one million native trees and shrubs along the Tualatin River and its tributaries. 





Upcoming Washington County Public Affairs Forum Events
Schedule to come.


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Westside transportation options: links and documents

News: "Hillsboro re

CPO Newsletters

Welcome to CPO News, your newsletter of the Washington County Citizen Participation Organization Program. We hope you enjoy this newsletter, distributed to both active and inactive CPO subscribers. CPO News is published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October, December) to support the mission of the CPO Program. MORE INFO AND FAQs

Dec 2015-Jan 2016:    Central Region     /     Eastern Region     /     Western Region

October-November 2015:    Central Region    /    Eastern Region    /    Western Region 

August-September 2015:   Central Region   /   Eastern Region   /   Western Region   

June-July 2015:    Central Region     /     Eastern Region     /     Western Region



Active CPOs

CPO 1 - Cedar Hills, Cedar Mill

CPO 3 - West Slope, Raleigh Hills, Garden Home

CPO 4B - Bull Mountain, Tigard

CPO 4K - King City and Vicinity

CPO 4M - Metzger, East Tigard, Durham

CPO 6 - Reedville, Aloha, Cooper Mountain

CPO 7 - Sunset West, Rock Creek, Bethany

CPO 8 - Helvetia, Mountaindale, North Plains

CPO 10 - Laurel, Farmington, Scholls, Chehalem Mtn, Groner

CPO 12C - Cornelius, West Dairy Creek

CPO 13 - Gales Creek, Roy, Verboort and Vicinity

CPO 15 - Blooming, Fern Hill



To stay informed about what is happening in your local CPO

CPO Talk

CalendarContact Us

CPOTalk, an email and news discussion group, gives CPO members an opportunity to share information, seek advice on issues from members of other CPOs, hear about upcoming events and generally keep in touch with each other.

To sign up for the discussion group, please go to the following website to submit your request:


To keep email messages to a minimum, you can elect to receive messages in digest form (one email a day with all messages received within a 24-hour period). 

CPOTalk is open to Washington County residents and persons owning businesses or properties within CPO boundaries and who also participate in their local CPO. The intent of the forum is to encourage and support citizen discussion of land-use issues relating to growth and development, transportation, affordable housing, natural resources, watersheds, and other matters that impact the livability of Washington County communities.

CPOTalk standards will mirror those for CPO meetings with an expectation of respectful dialogue, balancing the views presented on topics of interest, not promoting the aims/goals of other advocacy organizations, no campaigning for elective office and/or initiatives and no fundraising.

CPOTalk encourages postings that include, but are not limited to:

  • Sharing information and ideas on involving/recruiting Washington County citizens in the public processes that affect their community’s livability
  • Informing members within CPOs of emerging concerns or time-sensitive issues
  • Requesting specific information on topics of interest
  • Announcing events (workshops, training sessions, meetings, fairs, etc)
  • Posting articles or notices of general interest on land-use issues, ordinances, legislation, etc.

CPO coordinators also use CPOTalk to distribute information that is of general interest or which may be time-sensitive.

CPOTalk is a restricted discussion list which means that membership requires approval by the list administrator, Margot Barnett, Oregon State University Extension Service CPO program coordinator. The approval process will protect persons from receiving unrelated and unwanted emails. Emails to the discussion group will not be moderated (that is, reviewed before being distributed to the members). Members can set email preferences to receive either individual messages or a digest of all emails received during a day; the latter helps to control the number of emails received. If warranted, topics will also be archived.

For other information about CPOTalk, contact Margot Barnett at 503-821-1114.

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Citizen Involvement Quarterly (CIQ) Newsletters

CalendarHot TopicsContact Us

The Citizen Involvement Quarterly (CIQ) newsletter fulfills a long-standing wish to reach out to county residents who have requested to become members of CPOs that are not currently active.

Washington County CPOs
Citizen Participation Organizations - are grassroots citizen involvement networks that are devoted to informing residents about opportunities to participate in local land-use and livability issues. This newsletter is provided to you as part of the OSU Extension Service’s Community Resource Development Program. Washington County Administration, Departments, and/or officials claim no responsibility, expressed or implied, for the content of the newsletter.

To view the PDF version of the CIQ Newsletters, please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you would like to subscribe to your local CIQ newsletter please go to the Newsletter Request page.


2015 Newsletters:

Spring 2015


2014 Newsletters:

Fall 2014

Spring 2014


2013 Newsletters:

Oct/Nov/Dec 2013

July/Aug/Sept 2013

Apr/May/June 2013

Jan/Feb/Mar 2013




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Community of Interest Groups

Calendar Contact Us

CPO members may approach CPO coordinators to form a group to address an issue or concern that may span beyond a CPO's boundaries and in which other CPO's may have an interest. Examples of groups that have been formed include:

  • New Regulations for Cell Towers Group
  • Noise Control Group
  • Tree Code Group: for more information on this group please see www.washcotreegroup.org

None of these above groups are currently active. If you would like more information on starting a Community of Interest Group please contact Dan Schauer, 503-821-1123, dan.schauer@oregonstate.edu; or Beth St. Amand, 503-821-1114, beth.stamand@oregonstate.edu.

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Washington County Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI)

CCI Bylaws and Representative Policy County-OSU Intergovernmental Agreement • Contact Us


Oregon's planning program was signed into law in 1973 through Senate Bill 100. The statewide goals begin with Goal 1-Citizen Involvement: To develop a citizen involvement program that insures the opportunity for citizens to be involved in all phases of the planning process. (OAR-660-015-0000(1).


VISION: Individuals and their Washington County communities will be meaningfully engaged in collaborative, dynamic processes of open and responsive government.

The MISSION of Citizen Participation Organizations in Washington County is to encourage and empower public involvement.


  • Community, Improvement, Inclusiveness
  • Civility, Respect
  • Education, Learning
  • Information, Transparency, Process
  • Diversity, Equity, Compassion

Presented by the CCI to the Washington County Board of Commissioners on November 11, 2013

All CCI meetings are open to the public.

Each recognized CPO is represented on Washington County's CCI. The CCI's regularly scheduled general meetings are 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month.

Next CCI Regular Meeting - 7 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2016 

LOCATION: Room 109, Washington Street Conference Center, 225 S. First Avenue, Hillsboro 97124

Google map to facility and detailed information 

The Washington Street Conference Center is in the ground floor of the multilevel Parking Structure serving downtown Hillsboro. The main entrance is at the corner of the structure, facing the intersection of S. First Ave. and SE Washington St. Landmarks across Washington St. from the Conference Center: US Post Office, Hillsboro Civic Center, and Taco del Mar (in the ground floor of a multifamily residential building). See image.    

Parking recommendation for this meeting

Use levels 5-6, posted for "Washington County Permit," to alleviate concerns about restricted spaces. Your meeting attendance grants you parking access there. Parking structure details:   

Level 1: Accessible spaces for disabilities permits

Level 2: Two-hour parking (enforced by City of Hillsboro)

Levels 3-4: TriMet Park & Ride

Levels 5-6: Open to attendees of public meetings/events of 2 hours or more (Posted "Washington County Permit" - guests at events welcome.) 

TriMet Service

  • MAX Light Rail: The Hillsboro end of the Blue Line, the Hatfield Government Center station, is directly across the street from this facility.
  • Bus 57-TV Hwy/Forest Grove with frequent service to stops within 1-2 blocks of this facility. The Line 57 stops are located on Baseline/TV Hwy and Washington streets, at the corners of Adams and Second avenues.
  • Find schedules and stops online at trimet.org or interactive map/planner ride.trimet.org; call TriMet at 503-238-RIDE (7433). 

Remember to use caution on 1-way Downtown Hillsboro streets and when crossing MAX lines. 

CCI Steering Committee - Next Meeting 10 am-Noon, Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016   

Location: TVF&R Community Room - 20665 SW Blanton St. Aloha. 

You are welcome to attend; meetings are open to the public.  

If you have questions regarding how to engage with the CCI, or to be added to the CCI interested parties list (or change your preferences), contact OSU Extension Coordinator Dan Schauer, 503-821-1123, or Beth St. Amand, 503-821-1114.




The February 16 meeting will be held in Room 109 at the Washington St. Conference Center, 102 SW Washington St, Hillsboro 97123. 

CCI will return to the Aloha location in March.

January 19



2015 CCI Agendas

December 15, 2015 

November 17, 2015 

October 20, 2015

September 15, 2015 CCI agenda

August 18, 2015 CCI agenda

July 21, 2015 CCI agenda

June 16, 2015 CCI agenda

May 19, 2015 CCI agenda

April 21, 2015 CCI agenda

March 17, 2015 CCI agenda

February 17, 2015 CCI agenda

January 20, 2015 CCI agenda




January 19, 2016

Transition Planning Team Report to Board of Commissioners 

December 15, 2015

17th Harold Haynes Award Media Release

CCI Letter re: Transition Planning Team documentation, diagrams

November 17, 2015

Discussion drafts for "minimum program requirements" and/or key elements of CPO-Community Involvement Program. PDF file (7 pages)

Proposed CCI letter with addendum to Board of County Commissioners and Department of Land Use & Transportation re: 2016 Annual Long Range Planning Work Program

CPO Staff 3rd Quarter report (July-September 2015)

October 20, 2015

2015 Harold Haynes Citizen Involvement Award candidates packet

Draft letter re: 2016 Work Program

September 15, 2015

No additional advance meeting materials

August 18, 2015

Final proposal for Board of County Commissioners Districts - pending decision at public hearing scheduled 8/18 (see the Board of Commissioners web page for meeting and ordinance details)

Transportation Finance Program - power point presentation from County LUT staff to July CCI meeting

CPO Program quarterly report (April-June 2015) to Washington County

July 21, 2015

July Meeting Memo

Draft public engagement plan for Right Sizing the Parking Code study

June 16, 2015:

June Meeting Memo

CPO Program 1st Quarter 2015 report

May 19, 2015:

May Meeting Packet Memo

April 21, 2015:

April Meeting Packet Memo

Meeting Materials (.zip file: Commissioner District boundaries; CPO Transition Planning Team candidates and consultant hires; 2015-2016 draft CPO Program IGA)

March 17, 2015:

March Meeting Packet Memo 

Public Involvement Plan for Washington County Transportation Study

February 17, 2015:

February Meeting Packet Memo .pdf

Applicants Packet for Transition Planning Team nominations .pdf (1.6 MB)

2014 CPO Program Annual Report and 2014 4th Quarter report .pdf files

2015 DLUT Draft Work program (click here to view and download report at the Department's Web page for the Work Program)




Draft December 15 minutes

On Tuesday, Dec. 15th, the CCI awarded the 17th Harold Haynes Citizen Involvement Award to Katie Riley and Terry Hofferber Moore. Mrs. Moore, who passed away in 2014, was recognized posthumously. MEDIA RELEASE

November 17 minutes

October 20 minutes

September 15 minutes 

August 18 minutes (final - amended) including comments on CPO-Community Involvement Transition

July 21 minutes 

June 16, 2015 minutes

May 19, 2015 minutes

April 21, 2015 minutes

March 17, 2015 minutes

February 17, 2015 minutes

January 20, 2015 minutes




September 4: Transition Planning Team Community Outreach

June 25: Senate Bill 129 "Relating to Strategic Investment; Declaring an Emergency"

April 29: Washington County Administration Office, re: Board of Commissioners District Boundary Change

March 9: Nominations for CCI Representatives to CPO Transition Planning Team

February 26: Annual Long Range Planning Work Program 



Link to 2013-2014 CCI page


(To view the PDF version of the CCI agendas, please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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Community Involvement Resources

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If someone asked you, "What does county government do?" what might you reply? The Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) has produced a fifteen minute video describing how counties serve citizens across Oregon.