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All CPO meetings are open to the public.

CPO 6 General Meetings
Meetings are regularly scheduled for the first Thursday
of each month, 7 pm, at the TVF&R Community Room,
20665 SW Blanton St., Aloha. For directions please go to http://bit.ly/15T1ePu. 

CPO 6 Steering Committee Meetings
Meetings are regularly scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month, 6:00 or 6:30 pm. A regular location is still being arranged. Some start times may be adjusted. To verify this meeting's details in advance, please contact the CPO using the email below. To request a phone contact, please get in touch with OSU Extension Service CPO staff.

Link to CPO 6 Meeting Digital Audio Recordings: http://cpo6.podomatic.com/



The next CPO 6 meeting is August 7th. Agenda includes a discussion with Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward! Also note: parking lot at TVF&R Community Room is being paved. See meeting agenda and parking options below.


Special Note! The CPO 6 Community Party and Celebration of our Diversity has been postponed to August 14th, 6-9 pm!

Because the South Cooper Mountain Open House occurs on the same date, we are rescheduling this celebration event. Be a part of our vibrant growing family! Come enjoy multicultural, multiethnic food and live music. August 14th, 6-9 pm, Brentwood Oaks Apartments Community Room, 3245 SW 182nd Ave., Aloha, OR 97006 (between Johnson and Alexander). RSVP to ckosuda@yahoo.com



City of Beaverton's South Cooper Mountain Plan Final Open House - July 24th!

Copies of the draft Community Plans are available for review on the project website and copies of the draft Concept Plan will be posted prior to the open house. The public is encouraged to attend the final project open house and provide feedback on the working recommendations:

Thursday, July 24
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Scholls Heights Elementary
16400 SW Loon Dr., Beaverton

The next CPO 6 meeting is August 7th. Join in a discussion on the issues with Oregon Senator Elizabeth Steiner Heyward and learn about the services provided by the Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance Program. AGENDA

Senator Steiner Heyward will provide an update from Salem and an opportunity for CPO 6 members and the public to share their concerns. 

The agenda includes a presentation on the Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance Program
by Mary Richardson.

In addition there will be Public Safety updates and reports from CPO 6 members on Beaverton's South Cooper Mountain planning, the South Hillsboro plan, announcements of Neighborhood Meetings, and Land Use Applications.

Parking Changes! The TVF&R Community Room parking lot is being paved.

There is a change of parking for the August 7th CPO 6 meeting due to paving. See available options in the map above. If you park at the TVFR fire station on 209th, walk from there on the pathway on 209th to Blanton. For more information call Dan at 503-821-1123.



CPO Meeting Accessiblity and Accommodations
Notify the Oregon State University Extension Service CPO Program three days in advance of the meeting if any accommodations are required for a disability or language interpretation during the meeting. To make a request, phone 503-821-1150 and ask to speak with CPO Program staff, or email


CPO 6 Steering Committee

Constance Kosuda

Vice Chair
Kathie Koellmann

Joyce Purdy 

CCI Reps
Raymond Eck, Liles Garcia (alternate), Kathie Koellmann


Contact CPO 6
Chair Constance Kosuda

CPO 6 Mailing Address
PO Box 5607, Aloha, OR 97006

Washington County CPO Program

CPO Program Coordinator
Dan Schauer
155 N First Ave., Suite 200 MS48, Hillsboro, OR 97124


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Reedville, Aloha, Cooper Mountain

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Link to CPO 6 Meeting Digital Audio Recordings: http://cpo6.podomatic.com/

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CPO 6 Hot Topics

7:00 pm / Welcome and Announcements
Welcome and meeting overview
Washington County Sheriff’s Department Update
Tigard City Police Update
Tigard Turns the Tide-Tigard-Tualatin School District: Crystal Logan, M.S., Outreach Specialist, and 
Connie Ramaekers, Coalition Director, will give an update on this community coalition working together to prevent drug and alcohol use among local youth.   
Bicycle Transportation Alliance: Lisa Frank an Advocate with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance will give an update on the latest information in Washington County, Tigard and Bull Mountain.
Open Microphone
Neighborhood Meeting Notices and 
Land Use Application Updates
Meeting Adjourned 

Aloha-Reedville Plan Charts a Path for Washington County Communities

The Aloha-Reedville area of nearly 50,000 residents has a plan for development and a vision for the future, thanks to a $3.2 million study led by Washington County.

Hillsboro Airport Parallel Runway

This summer, Hillsboro residents will notice some changes starting to occur at Hillsboro Airport as the Port of Portland begins construction on the new parallel runway. The parallel runway was identified in the 2003-2005 Hillsboro Airport Master Plan as a way to reduce congestion and delays while also improving efficiency at the airport. The runway will allow for a separation between departing/arriving aircraft and aircraft in the training patterns. The Port is reaching out to community members to provide information.

Those with questions or concerns are invited to contact Brooke Berglund at 503-415-6532 or brooke.berglund@portofportland.com



Following the public hearing on June 17th, the Washington County Board of Commissioners decided to refer a proposed countywide vehicle registration fee to the voters in November.

The County is considering a $30 per year fee on vehicles owned by residents and businesses. A $17 per year fee would apply to motorcycles/mopeds. Government, school, farm, antique, special interest and recreational vehicles, in addition to vehicles owned by disabled veterans would be exempt. If approved by the voters, 60 percent of the funds would be allocated to the county for roads it maintains and 40 percent to cities for use on roads they maintain. The ordinance will also be amended to provide greater clarity on how the funds will be used if the voters approve the fee.


For more information visit the County's Transportation Funding page.




2035 Transportation System Plan Update
The Transportation System Plan identifies transportation systems and outlines policies and strategies necessary to meet existing and future travel needs. Land Use Ordinance No. 783 was filed on May 16th which updates the plan. Public testimony can be presented at the July 2nd Planning Commission Hearing and the Board of County Commissioners Hearing tentatively scheduled for August 5th.


Aloha Community Library to Be Included on November 2015 Levy Proposal
The Washington County Board of Commissioners has given preliminary approval to adding the nonprofit-operated Aloha Community Library to the Washington County Cooperative Library Services upon voter approval in November 2015.

Upcoming Washington County Public Affairs Forum Events
Schedule to come.



Washington County Public Notice for Comments - Deadline July 23rd
Johnson Street 23-Lot Subdivision Casefile L1400114

The owner of the property located at 20665 SW Johnson St., is considering a proposal to develop a 23-lot subdivision.
Public Notice

Washington County Public Notice for Comments - Deadline July 23rd
178th Avenue Subdivision Casefile L1400139

The owner of the property located at 2930 SW 178th Ave., is considering a proposal to develop a 10-lot subdivision.
Public Notice

Neighborhood Meeting - August 6th, 6:30 pm
5-Lot Subdivision on SW Kinnaman Road

The owner of the property located at 20785 SW Kinnaman Rd. is considering a proposal to develop a 5-lot subdivision. The meeting will be held on site.
Meeting Notice

Neighborhood Meeting - September 3rd, 6:30 pm
7-Lot Subdivision on SW 211th Avenue

The owner of the property located at 810 SW 211th Ave. is considering a proposal to develop a 7-lot subdivision. The meeting will be held at Tualatin Valley fire & Rescue Community Room at 20665 SW Blanton St., Beaverton.
Meeting Notice