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Meets the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm
in the Garden Home Recreation Center at:
7475 SW Oleson Road, Portland OR


The next CPO 3 meeting is Thursday, April 17, 7 pm.

Stan Houseman of CPO 3 and Judy Janowitz with the City of Beaverton CERT will provide an emergency preparedness presentation.

Longtime resident Joy Patterson was nominated for Chair in February.
Joy brings previous experience in volunteering and facilitating
meetings, and she attended the 2014 CPO Program Leadership
Orientation. The experienced officers volunteered to serve another
term in their positions. Please join us to meet and welcome Joy,
vote on the nominees, and discuss what is important for you to see
addressed in the future.

The Emergency Preparedness presentation will cover topics including: Take 5 to Survive, Map Your Neighborhood, CERT training, Nextdoor website. Meeting will also include information on
Ordinance No. 781 prohibiting any business or sale of medical marijuana and more.




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