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Generally meets the third Monday of each month
at 7 pm at the Highlands Club House,
12930 SW Peachvale, King City, OR 97224.
Map link: http://bit.ly/10xHhKH


CPO 4K Meeting October 20th at 7pm

Agenda will include presentations from representatives of the 'for' and the 'against' positions on a number of the issues that voters will see on the November 4th ballot. Plus, Maxfield Gardens Development overview.


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Tigard-Tualatin School District Local Option Levy

The Local Option levy was originally approved in 2000 and renewed in 2004 and 2008.  It is not a new tax. If approved by voters, the Local Option Levy Renewal would continue the existing levy rate for another five years.

A representative from the campaign to renew the Tigard-Tualatin Schools levy will provide information about the levy including financial impact to area residents and the school district.


Ballot Measure 90
Changing the Primary and General Election

Ballot Measure 90 would change the general election nomination process, providing for a single primary with the top two choices proceeding to the general election.

Representatives for and against this ballot measure have been invited to speak about the ballot measure and its impacts.


King City Police Local Option Levy

King City is seeking renewal of the local option levy which funds police services in the city.

Chuck Fessler, King City Chief of Police, will provide an overview of the levy and how it will impact King City citizens.


Maxfield Gardens Development Overview

A preliminary layout will be shown of the development proposed for the west side of 131st across from Jordan Way. This development will involve approximately 55 homes.


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Election 2014

Dates to Remember
October 14 - New voter registration deadline.
October 15 - Target mail date for ballots
November 4 - Election Day!

Proposed Vehicle Registration Fee
The County is considering a $30 per year fee on vehicles owned by residents and businesses. A $17 per year fee would apply to motorcycles/mopeds. Government, school, farm, antique, special interest and recreational vehicles, in addition to vehicles owned by disabled veterans would be exempt. If approved by the voters, 60 percent of the funds would be allocated to the county for roads it maintains and 40 percent to cities for use on roads they maintain. The ordinance will also be amended to provide greater clarity on how the funds will be used if the voters approve the fee. For more information visit the County's Transportation Funding page.

Ballot Measures
Measure 34-221 -
Proposed Countywide Vehicle Registration Fee for Road Maintenance
Measure 86 -
Creates fund for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education.
Measure 87 - Permits employment of state judges by the National Guard and state public universities.
Measure 88 - Provides Oregon resident driver card.
Measure 89 -
Guarantees equal rights regardless of sex.
Measure 90 - Establishes an open, top-two primary election system. 
Measure 91 - Legalizes recreational marijuana.
Measure 92 - Requires labels on genetically engineered foods.



Interested in taking on a leadership role?

CPO 4K Steering Committee
Consider joining the CPO 4K Executive Committee. The Committee works together to develop programs for monthly meetings. These positions typically require a few hours a year outside of the regular membership meeting. If you are interested, contact Kathy Stallkamp at 503-639-3274 or kstallkamp@yahoo.com.








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Current funding sources for road maintenance are not keeping up with increasing costs. Washington County is asking voters to consider a countywide vehicle registration fee of $30 per year to help the county and cities maintain our roads now before it costs more to make repairs later.
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