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All CPO meetings are open to the public.

CPO 6 General Meetings
Meetings are regularly scheduled for the first Thursday
of each month, 7 pm, at the TVF&R Community Room,
20665 SW Blanton St., Aloha. For directions please go to http://bit.ly/15T1ePu. 

CPO 6 Steering Committee Meetings

Meetings are regularly scheduled for the Monday following each CPO 6 general meeting, at Reedville Cafe, and the start time may vary from 6:00 pm. To verify this meeting's details in advance, please contact CPO 6 at CPO6Steering@gmail.com. To request a phone contact, please get in touch with OSU Extension Service CPO staff.



Next CPO 6 Meeting: 
Thursday, October 1, 7pm


7:00 pm 


Public Safety Update

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District UpdateLynda Myers

7:35 pm 

Our Oregon Presented by Michelle Castro

Our Oregon is an advocacy group for economic fairness. Their presentation will discuss the state of Oregon’s economy and share key findings from two academic reports.

7:50 pm 

County Transportation Projects Cost Estimation Process / Presented by Washington County Land Use & Transportation (LUT)

As a follow-up to our last meeting, LUT staff will address how transportation safety improvement projects are estimated and what are the key factors that drive that cost.

8:10 pm 


Committee for Citizen Involvement, CPO Program Transition / Kathie Koellmann

Urban Roads Maintenance District Advisory Committee / Ray Eck

South Hillsboro and Transportation Futures / Steve Larrance

8:30 pm 

Election of CPO 6 Officers for 2015-2016

Nominees accepted at the September meeting:

Chair: Liles Garcia

Vice Chair: Luis Nava

Secretary: Joyce Purdy

CCI Representatives (2 positions): Raymond Eck, Kathie Koellmann, Rex Nere (Alternate)

Additional nominees are welcome to come forward at this month’s meeting. The 2015-2016 officers will be elected at this meeting by CPO 6 regular voting members.

8:45 pm 

Other Key Topics

South Cooper Mountain, Aloha Reedville Community Council, Upcoming Neighborhood Meetings, Planning Commission, etc.

8:55 pm 

Open Floor - Community Input

What do you want from your CPO Program?

. . .

CPO Meeting Accessiblity and Accommodations
Notify the Oregon State University Extension Service CPO Program three days in advance of the meeting if any accommodations are required for a disability or language interpretation during the meeting. To make a request, phone 503-821-1150 and ask to speak with CPO Program staff, or email



Opportunities to Participate - Land Use

Public Hearings and Comment Periods

Public Hearing - August 4
Ordinance No. 799 / Transportation System Plan
Board of Commissioners hearing will be held at 10 am at the Charles D. Cameron Public Services Building, 155 N First Ave., Hillsboro. COUNTY ORDINANCES PAGE

Public Hearing - August 18
The Beaverton City Council will hold a public hearing on two different appeals of the Beaverton Planning Commission’s decision to approve the South Cooper Mountain High School application. The project is located at the northwest corner of SW Scholls Ferry Road and SW 175th Avenue. The conditional use application’s case file is CU2015-0003.

The two appellants are property owner Ed Bartholemy and Tualatin Riverkeepers. For the text of the appeal by the Tualatin Riverkeepers, regarding the proposed fill of a significant wetland designated for preservation in City policy, use this link:  http://extension.oregonstate.edu/washington/sites/default/files/scmhsappealv2.pdf.

Hearing date, place and time: August 18, Beaverton City Council chambers, first floor of the Beaverton Building, 12725 SW Millikan Way, beginning at 6:30 pm or thereafter.

Giving testimony: This hearing is de novo, which means any new evidence and arguments can be introduced in writing, orally, or both. A de novo hearing does not limit participation to those who participated in the initial hearing process.

See the link here for the City of Beaverton’s hearing notice for more information about providing written or oral testimony. Note: If you wish to submit written testimony to the Council, include 10 copies of the submittal. CITY OF BEAVERTON HEARING NOTICE

Public Hearing - August 18
Ordinance No. 800 / Amendments to County Community Development Code
***One of the amendments addresses the issue of written testimony by email.

board of Commissioners hearing will be held at10 am at the Charles D. Cameron Public Services Building, 155 N First Ave., Hillsboro. COUNTY ORDINANCES PAGE 


Other Opportunities

Open House

Presentation on the Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center - July 22
Learn about the mediation, facilitiation and conflict coaching programs and workshops available at the Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center. Join staff for a continental breakfast and a brief presentation. Open house will be held from 7:30-11 am (presentation and Q&A 8:30-9:30 am) at the Beaverton Building Council Chambers, 12725 SW Millikan Way.




Recent letters from the CPO 6 Steering Committee to jurisdictions:

Letter to Beaverton Planning Commission (dated June 3, 2015)
Regarding South Cooper Mountain High School application

Letter to Metro (dated January 5, 2015)
In support of grant for August Lane bicycle/pedestrian bridge.

Letter to Beaverton Planning Commission (dated December 2, 2014)
Regarding Cooper Mountain and Transportation Planning.


Longtime resident Joy Patterson was nominated for Chair in February.
Joy brings previous experience in volunteering and facilitating
meetings, and she attended the 2014 CPO Program Leadership
Orientation. The experienced officers volunteered to serve another
term in their positions. Please join us to meet and welcome Joy,
vote on the nominees, and discuss what is important for you to see
addressed in the futu


The Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District is working on the development of a 20-acre community park adjacent to Mountain View Middle School in Aloha. The CPO 6 list gets email announcements of public meetings and CPO 6 is represented on the project's advisory group. See the District's project web page for more information, including the "document center" box at the upper right for maps, concept designs, and public meeting notes.



Volunteer/Involvement Opportunities

Comment Online - North Cooper Mountain Area Planning

Washington County Commissioner District Boundary Redraw Proposals

Washington County Homeless Plan Advisory Committee (HPAC) and Housing Authority Board of Directors (HABOD) Vacancies


Upcoming Events



More Information

170th Avenue/Merlo Road Conceptual Design Plan

Aloha-Reedville Study and Livable Community Plan Report

North Cooper Mountain Area Planning

South Cooper Mountain Area Planning

TV Highway Corridor Plan

Washington County Proposed Vehicle Registration Fee

Current Severe Weather Shelter Activation List

Oregon Election Results

Willamette Water Supply - Tualatin Valley Water District


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