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Hillsboro Main Library

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CPO 9 generally meets the second Monday

of odd-numbered months (January, March, etc.)
at 7 pm at the Hillsboro Main Library
2nd Floor Board Room
2850 NE Brookwood Pkwy, Hillsboro.


CPO 9 does not have meetings scheduled in August
or September.

Your CPO needs you!

CPO 9 leadership resigned in July after completing their terms for the past year. If no citizen members come forward to take on roles to run CPO 9, the organization will be declared officially inactive in January 2015. Monthly CPO 9 newsletters will continue for the rest of 2014.

CPO leadership is a rewarding experience.

CPO leaders:

  • Organize and hold CPO meetings which give people the opportunity to exhange information and concerns, and in some cases develop strategies to address those concerns about their community.
  • Lead efforts to keep community members informed of upcoming land use, transportation, and environmental projects.
  • Provide forums that present both sides of an issue.
  • Build connections by engaging with community leaders, elected officials, and representatives from agency and district service providers.
  • Are given the opportunity to build leadership skills through trainings and the experience of operating a citizen organization.

If you are considering getting involved, a CPO Volunteer Orientation is being planned for September.

Find out more about the benefits of CPOs — including tools, resources, and leadership opportunities — as well as program basics. Interested? Contact Dan Schauer: 503-821-1123 or dan.schauer@oregonstate.edu

CPO 9 is now accepting nominations for Steering Committee Members!

The CPO 9 Steering Committee is looking for volunteers interested in taking on leading roles in your CPO. Interested in serving your community? For more information, contact the CPO Program Coordinator Dan Schauer at dan.schauer@oregonstate.edu or 503-821-1123.

For CPO 9 General Meetings: Assistive Listening Device accommodations will be made if notice is received at least 3 days in advance of meeting. To reserve equipment, email dan.schauer@oregonstate.edu or call 503-821-1123.

Longtime resident Joy Patterson was nominated for Chair in February.
Joy brings previous experience in volunteering and facilitating
meetings, and she attended the 2014 CPO Program Leadership
Orientation. The experienced officers volunteered to serve another
term in their positions. Please join us to meet and welcome Joy,
vote on the nominees, and discuss what is important for you to see
addressed in the futu

Land Use

City of Hillsboro Public Comment Period - Deadline: August 27th
Development Review 28-14 / Pinewood Apartments

Development review approval for proposed remodel of an existing recreation building to contain five dwelling units instead of laundry facilities. The additional five units brings the total to 55 dwelling units in the apartment complex, the maximum density for the site.
Public Hearing Notice

City of Hillsboro Public Hearing - September 3rd, 6:30 pm
Variance 4-14 / Langwood Crossing

Request for variance from front yard setback requirement from 20 feet to 10 feet for two existing homes at 7127/7171 SE Frances St., to be part of a future subdivision. Hearing is at the Hillsboro Civic Center Auditorium, 150 E Main St., Hillsboro.
Public Hearing Notice

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