CPO Special Projects

 Special Project Fund Overview


Fund allocation:  The OSU Extension CPO Program submits an annual expense budget allocation request to Washington County for a CPO Special Project Fund.  Fund monies will be distributed on a competitive application basis between all active CPOs to be used for special education events, outreach activities or community projects (“Projects”) as determined by the CPO general membership.  Any unused funds will be returned to Washington County at the end of the fiscal year (June 30) per current budget policies. 
Project choices: CPOs may work on a Project individually or choose to work with other CPOs to share funding and coordination of a mutually-beneficial Project. 
Proposals: CPOs may submit a proposal for Round 1 of Special Project Fund monies by February 15, 2013.  A proposal must be submitted and approved prior to incurring costs related to the Project. (See form)  If the Project costs are more than the previously approved amount, proposal amendments may be submitted to request additional funding, but only those amounts approved will be guaranteed for payment or reimbursement.  Any additional expenses not approved are the responsibility of the individual CPO or CPOs involved.

For more information go to CPO Special Fund Project Overview

Washington County CPO Special Fund Proposal

CPO Special Project Completion Report

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