Family Community Education (FCE)

Oregon Association for Family and Community Education is an independent non-profit organization whose history and mission is closely aligned with the OSU Family and Community Health Program. We work collaboratively to develop and deliver community education and service projects addressing important community needs. The FCE program provides opportunities for people to learn and share information with the community. 

All lessons are held from 9:30  – 11:30 am on the 3rd Tuesday in Washington County, and the 4th Tuesday in Clackamas County, unless otherwise noted.

Re-Examining Root Vegetables                                    

January 21 (Washington County)                    January 28 (Clackamas County)

Patty B                                                             Jean B

Root Vegetables are high in complex carbohydrates, which break down into sugar in your body to give you energy and the ability to function properly. They are also high in fiber and phytonutrients, and normally are low in fat as well as in calories! The purpose of this lesson is to acquaint us with the various varieties available and offer some delicious but simple ways to prepare them.


Growing Greens in Pots                                    OSU Lesson

February 18 (Washington County)                   February 18 (Clackamas County)


Ah vegetables! It is easy to get into a rut (iceberg lettuce, tomato, carrots, green beans) when preparing meals. Leafy greens like kale, chard and collards can expand the variety in our meals and they all pack a wallop of nutritional value! Do greens seem too pricy in the store? It is very simple to grow your own in a garden or in containers. Greens grow well in a winter garden, too. Growing instructions and easy recipes will be included in the lesson.


Skin Care                                                           OSU Lesson

March 18 (Washington County)                       March 25 (Clackamas County)

Most of us have probably observed signs of skin aging —wrinkles, skin spots, red patches, softness in areas that used to be firm—these are natural. However, we can slow down or minimize some of these changes and identify potentially dangerous skin problems with simple, consistent practices. This lesson will look at what causes changes in the skin as we age, techniques to preserve skin quality, and treatments to prevent or address skin damage or pre-cancerous cells.


Are You Prepared?                                            This is a mail-out lesson for September

The best thing you can do is be prepared.  This lesson will cover that as well as offer the space to learn the basics of wills and estate planning.  The differences between a will and a living trust and the advantages and disadvantages of both will be explored.


The Spices of India                                            OSU Lesson

September 16-9:30 am (Washington County) September 16- 2:00 pm (Clackamas County)

How many spices in your cupboard originate from India?  Some are spices we use daily, some are exotic and mysterious! Explore the array of spices and herbs of India and how they are used in family meals around the world.  Discover new flavors or combinations of flavors and look at health related claims made about many of these spices.



October 21 (Washington County)                      October 28 (Clackamas County)

Dawn W                                                             Lendamai P

Is there a vaccine to cure rudeness?  It’s an honest conversation about civility.


Bee a Member

November 18 (Washington County)                 November 25 (Clackamas County)

Myrna L and Jane J                                           Cathy S

Thoughts and tools for recruiting new members.  Including fun activities and quizzes to increase our knowledge of the “product” we’re trying to sell.   (FCE)


Lavender 101          Washington County will include this lesson in the November training.

Learn different uses for lavender.  Lesson includes recipes, crafts and other creative ways to incorporate lavender in your life.


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